Letting go of bad friends

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey rose petals!,

Today's post isn't going to be on the beauty side of things. It's going to be on how to let go of bad friends who are bringing you down. Everyone has that 1 friend that just isn't beneficial to your life, but you keep them around for the sake of the friendship. Not all friendships need to be close and not all friendships are a healthy. Your friends should be there to support you and let you know when you're going down a wrong direction. No one should have a friend who only encourages them to do bad things and brings them down with their negativity.

How to know when your friend is a bad friend

  1. They encourage your bad behavior. Friends should be keep you on the right path. Not bring you down. Any friend that pressures you to do bad things or lets you do them knowing it's wrong, is not a friend.
  2. They are never there for you. If you're always the shoulder your friend cries on, but it's not the same the other way around, let them go. They only want you to be available to them and they don't care to be available to you. 
  3. They always borrow money and NEVER pay it back. A true friend wouldn't disrespect you by not paying you back any money you lent them. You were nice enough to lend them the money, they should be nice enough to give it back. 
  4. You make excuses for them. If you constantly have to justify why they reacted a certain way or did something and blame yourself, let them go. When your other friends are pointing out the bad that your other friend is doing, take the advice. 
  5. You constantly fight. We all have that one friend that we generally get into fights with. But if after every fight she's calling you all sorts of names and telling your secrets, she's not a friend. 
  6. They're not supportive. If you're always going to your friends games and he/she never shows up to yours, they may not be a good friend. Friends support you with all you're doing. 
Those are some of the main reasons why I'm not friends with certain women and men anymore. You just have to realize that even though you may like them as a person, they aren't necessarily a good friend. In order to have a positive life, you must have positive people in it. People who are negative and just bring you down, you shouldn't surround yourself with. What other ways do you identify a bad friend? Leave a comment down below!

Favorite Fall Lippies

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hey rose buds,

Today's blog is going to be on my favorite fall lipsticks to wear. They vary from brands like Cover Girl to Urban Decay. I have 7 in total. 2 of which are matte, while the rest are your classic shine lipsticks. Also 1 lip liner that can literally go with all the lipsticks.

As you can see on the right I have all the lipsticks lined up and the liner. The swatches on my arm go from the lipsticks from the left to the right. As you can tell, they're all like berry colored lipsticks. Absolutely perfect for the fall. I apologize for the quality of the pictures because I'm using my phone to take the pictures and not a professional camera. 

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout. 

The first color is this color called Standout from Revlon. It's one of their ColorBurst lip balm. I'm obsessed with this color. The picture doesn't capture the color right, but it's this deep burgundy sort of color. It's so smooth when you apply it on your lips too. Feels like a chapstick, but looks like a matte lipstick. Brownie points for it being matte because I just adore matte anything.

Covergirl Bistro Burgundy 
The next color is just an ordinary lipstick from Covergirl in the color Bistro Burgundy. It applies very smoothly and feels like it's conditioning my lips. The color is a brownish burgundy without being too dark or too light. Again, the picture just doesn't do it justice.

Wet n Wild Dark Wine
From Wet n Wild, this lipstick in the color Dark Wine and just so... I can't find the word to describe it. It reminds me of when I was younger and my mother would wear darker lipstick or liner. It has like a classic vintage tone to it and that's what I think of when I put it on. Not too dark, just the perfect shade of wine. I'll click my glass to that!

Mac Heaux
From RiRi's line with Mac, I have the color Heaux. I fell in love with this lipstick when I bought it months ago. It was my first matte lipstick and from Mac as well. It's creamy, but not as smooth as my other lipsticks. It feels like it drags on my lips when I first put it on and you dare not smudge it! Lets just say, its pretty hard to get of your skin without a makeup remover. If you get a little bit on your hand, you will get it all over your face.

Covergirl Vintage Wine
Another Covergirl lipstick, but this one is in the color Vintage Wine. There's not much to say about it other than it fits the name well. A nice classic wine color that conditions your lips and lasts a lifetime! I forgot to mention that before, but yes. You would be surprised to know these lipsticks can surely last me 4+ hours without a touch up. Even after drinking coffee. 

Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready
Next from Maybelline is this Color Whisper in the color Berry Ready. The formula is very soft and super creamy. It practically rolls onto your lips. Leaving a sleek shine and comfort to your lips. I love the Color Whisper, I just need more colors!

Urban Decay Revolutionary in Venom
Here's a lipstick from Urban Decay from their revolutionary line in the color Venom. This color is lovely on its on. I do have the liner too, but honestly you don't even need that. It glides on perfectly and gives you an awesome deep color. 

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on in Venom
Here's the lip liner to go with the previous lipstick in Venom. The color alone gives you a matte finish, but it's not a liner I would leave on by itself. It doesn't feel so smooth where you can put it on by itself and just lay a gloss on top or something. It dries my lips out a bit, but if I apply a lipstick on top its perfect. 

Again sorry for the quality of the pictures, but these are my favorite lipsticks for fall. I love deep berry and burgundy colors. It adds that touch of flare to make you pop in the cold winter and fall. Quality and Prices vary, but I wouldn't prefer a high quality brand over a drugstore brand. They both meet my expectations and are lovely additions to my collections. What are some of your favorite colors? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Mix it up Plums: EM by Michelle Phan

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey ladies,

Do I have a review for you. It's going to be on Em by Michelle Phan lip palette in the shade Mix it up Plums.

 This is Michelle's lip palette in the color Mix it up Plums. It features 6 lipsticks: 3 of which are glossy, 2 classic, and 1 that is matte. The top & bottom right and middle left are the glossy ones. The top left and center are classic. The bottom left is matte. Using this palette, I have really grown to love the bottom left matte mixed in with the middle classic. It gives me this awesome plum/fall color that isn't too bright or too dark. The matte also overpowers the classic to give me the perfect matte finish that I enjoy. Now the middle right side is empty so that you can mix up your own colors. It comes with a little lip brush too that's not shown in this picture only because it kept falling out while I was trying to capture to the colors well. The front cover is like this hard plastic cover with the logo and a few EM words in a clear text that's hard to see in a picture. As you can see, its a pretty small and convenient compact that you can take with you everywhere. 

Here's the first glossy color on my lips. Also known as number 1 if you were to look at the back of the compact. (Excuse my lips for looking very dry, I'm sick.) Out of all the glosses, this one is the most pigmented. It's dark like the 2 of the lipsticks and have specs of glitter in it. Very well to mix with dark lip colors. 

 This is known as number 2. It is a classic light purple color. The picture on the left shows it wit more light. This color goes very well with the other colors if you want to create and ombre lip. It's also a nice fall color if you don't want to be too bold and go too dark.

Number 3 is another glossy color. This one is more of a glitter gloss instead of a colored gloss with glitter. The more you pile on, the more it will show up. I'm showing the lip products by themselves so you can get a sense of what it would look like without anything else. As you can see from the picture on the left, it's a very glittery gloss. Something to put on top of a lipstick to get it to pop more. 

Number 4 is this classic dark plum color. It's showing a little bit brighter than it actually is in the left picture. The right picture is a more accurate color. At first I thought this was the same color as the matte lipstick, but after really looking at it, it is a few shades lighter. Perfect fall color. 

Number 5 is another gloss color. This one is the lightest of them all. I call this the fairytale glass because of how light and sweet looking it is. Perfect to put on bright purples and pinks. This palette is like the perfect halloween palette to create both fairytale and dark looks. 

This is the last number, number 6. It is a deep, dark, matte lipstick color. Out of all the lipsticks in the palette this is my favorite one of them all. It's super creamy and once it's on, it's on for good. 

For the quality and texture of this product, I just love it. I wore it out while I was at work. I put it on at about 9 in the morning, and I didn't have to worry about touching it up until around 4 in the afternoon. Which is surprising to me when it comes to lipsticks because a lot of companies claim their lip products last a long time, but most certainly do not. When I mean touch up, I didn't have to reapply my whole lip either. It was just fading a bit on my lower lip. As far as the texture, it's nice, smooth, and creamy. You definitely want to scrub your lips before hand because the colors (especially the matte) will show how dry your lips are. Chapstick after scrubbing is optional, however for me I didn't really need any. The lip products were very creamy and soft so it felt like I put lipstick mixed with chapstick right on. 

Swatch of the colors of my arm

Here I put a swatch of all the colors on my arm so you can see what it looks like with my skin tone. It goes from Number 4, 2, 6, 3, 1, and 5. Another thing with this palette though is that the glosses run out pretty fast. For me number 5 especially started running out a lot even when I was just swatching it on arm and putting it on my lips. I can almost see the bottom of it. The other glosses have a pretty good amount in them. I'm not sure if it was because I used a brush and not my fingers. I feel if you were to use your fingers, you'd have to keep going back to get more product. I'm not sure, either way you definitely getting more from the solid lipsticks opposed to the glosses. Nonetheless, they are all so great to use!

To apply the products, I just used this small lip brush from Costal Scents. It came with one of their brush sets that I just recently purchased. It looks like a very small shadow brush but actually works really well for the lips. It gets flat and is easy to apply, while also being able to get all the corners and line your lips perfectly. 

Some tips for using this particular palette is that you might want to use concealer to clean up your lips after. That will ensure that the color won't bleed, it does it just very little, and to give you a smoother, cleaner edge. For me, I tend to get a bit sloppy with my lipsticks and if I don't clean up with concealer, or even make up remover, it's going to look like I got it every where. Another tip would be to carry around some makeup remover wipes with you too. Since this is a darker colored palette, using the lip brush will get on the container itself. If you want to keep it clean and pretty, just use the makeup wipes to wipe away and product that got on the container. Also it's good to clean up the brush before you put it back in the container too. The brush it comes with is good for apply the color also, but I would recommend using your own lip brush if you're not comfortable using a smaller brush. 

Overall, I LOVED this product. It's perfect for me for fall because I like to experiment with plums. The classic colors give me some great colors and the matte is my go to color. The glosses aren't sticky at all. They are too creamy and feel like chapstick in a way. To remove, all you need is some makeup remover or whatever else you use to wipe you lipstick off. It lasts all day long and you only need a few touch ups now and then. It's even better that you can combine the different lip products to create your own shade. I would highly recommend this palette (in any color) if you want to have a choice when it comes to your lipstick. Play around and create new ones, or stick to the ones that are already present. It's small and handy with a mirror to that you can easily store in your purse or makeup bag. Take it one trips, dates, anywhere you please. Have you tried out this product before? Did you like it? Leave a comment down below! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! Don't forget to check out EMcosmetics and look at their makeup. They're having a promotion going on for $39 and 3 products to create some halloween looks!

New Ipsy benefits

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey ladies,

It's around midterm time and school work has kept me pretty busy, so please bare with me! I know I keep saying it, but like they say... School comes first. Anyway, Ipsy has added some new ways to earn points for other beauty products in your bags.

At first you needed to have 2 people subscribe to Ipsy using your personal link in order to receive an additional item (that doesn't have anything to do with the months bag) in your glam bag. Now they made a new feature where you have to get 1000 points and then you choose what product you want. The item you pick has to be picked before the 1st in order to get it into that months bag. If you're like me, you were probably thinking.. "Holy cow! 1000 points? How am I going to reach that?!" Well no worries. Here are ways you can earn points.

  • Earn 250 points for each person who subscribes to your link. 
  • Earn 100 just for being a subscriber. 
  • Earn 10 points for each product you review on your profile each month. 
It isn't that hard right? Plus they change the products that you can receive every now and then. I don't know the actually time frame for that. So thus far, you can turn in points to either get Benefit's Badgal mascara, Kitsch's Bollywood hair ties, or NYX bronze smokey look kit. Great products for 1000 points. I've been LOVING the updates the Ipsy has been doing. I've been a subscriber since they first started in Dec 2011. There was only 1 bag that I missed and it was last year on my birth month. (March) The products are always good sizes and they have either been brands I haven't tried and fell in love with or products that just weren't up my aisle. For $10 a month, it truly is a great way to test products and different brands. Plus they ALWAYS have discount codes either for the brands whole site or the product itself. A great way to buy the full size or another size without having to pay full price. So if you would like to join Ipsy with me, just click this link. Should I start making videos on my reviews and post more in depth ones on my blog instead? Leave a comment down below and let me know! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

"Classic Beauty" Ipsy's September 2013 Glam Bag

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey ladies,

I know, it's October and I'm just now doing my blog post on last month's Ipsy glam bag. I've been busy with school and such, please bare with me. So the theme of this month was Classic Beauty. It feature products from companies such as Cailyn Cosmetics, Chella, Freeman Beauty, Elizabeth Mott, Jesse's Girl, J. Cat Beauty, Full Repair, NYX, Pop Beauty, Skyn Iceland, StarLooks, Victoria Jackson and Butter London. There was 14 different products that were given out this month. Here's what the bag looked like.

I guess this bag matches with the theme somewhat. I got products this month from Freeman Beauty, Elizabeth Mott, NYX, StarLooks, and J. Cat Beauty. I've had products from all but Elizabeth Mott before so I was pretty comfortable about the other products for the most part. 


The first product I got was this lipstick in the color Honeycrisp from J. Cat Beauty. I actually broke it as  I was applying it. Heavy hand or poor quality? Nonetheless, I continued to try it out. The color alone just looks horrible with my skin tone. Maybe if I play around with more lip liner colors and such I can figure something out. Texture, I guess it was sort of smooth. I was completely distracted by the color to even pay attention.

Next were these Freeman Beauty masks that came in in purifying, brightening, and hydrating. I tried both the brightening (rose pink) and the hydrating (blue). Both did its job, however putting them on was a hard task. The actual facial paper stuck together and it was very hard to unfold. The cut out for the eyes weren't big enough for me and it felt uncomfortable having them on. Other than that, they did what they were supposed to! With beauty comes pain right?

I got this black kohl pencil eyeliner from StarLooks in the color Obsidian. It's very creamy and glides pretty smoothly. The only thing that I didn't like was how it didn't last all too long. In a few hours, it looked smudged and faded away. Maybe if I put a liquid liner on top of it, it will last longer. Any tips for making pencil liners last longer? For the waterline, I'm not sure how long it will last only because I dislike putting black eyeliner on my waterline. 

Next was this It's so BIG mascara from Elizabeth Mott. It's intentions are to be a volumizing mascara. The mascara has an hourglass shape that's primarily intended to give volume and length to your lashes. For the volume, yes, It did pretty much give me some more volume. As for length, not so much. Maybe because I was comparing it to my They're Real! mascara from Benefit. It also smudged some on my lips before it got to fully dry. Boo! Say no to smudging mascara. It lasts pretty long though and doesn't make my eyelashes feel heavy either. 

Last but not least, I got the NYX eyeshadow in Cryptonite. It is very pigmented and creamy. Plus it's also very blendable. I used it for a soft smokey eye that wasn't too dark or harsh. It was perfect!

This month was a hit and miss for me. I'm grateful for all the products and I will be working on new ways to try and enhance the products to put them to better use. Sneak peaks of October are being posted and it seems like as each month passes, more products are available to get. It really creates a variety and the teasers are so fun! Next month, I'll definitely post a review faster than I did for this month. Are you an Ipsy subscriber? Until next time, see you soon!

Review: Benefit They're Real! Mascara

Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey ladies, 

So I had the pleasure of being on of Ipsy's and Benefit's lash bash hostess. As I couldn't actually host the part myself (later post), I was able to have the honor of getting one of Benefit's They're Real! Mascara for myself in the regular size. (Retailing at $23) I just have to say from the start, I absolutely LOVE this mascara. & I will tell you why. 

This is what the mascara looks like. Don't be alarmed by the picture, it's a bit bigger than what it's showing. The packaging is just amazing because it's a sleek shiny gray/silver that makes the "Real" in They're Real stand out. That's the whole point of the mascara right? To look like you have falsies without actually having to wear falsies. 

What I have to say I love most about the mascara is the way the brush is actually made. The brush is a typical straight edged brush with the same sized bristles that cover it completely. However, the tip of the brush has the bristles sticking out on an angle. I tried to get a good picture of it but my phone just wouldn't focus on it. (Time for a professional camera huh?) What I love about this part of the brush, is that it's perfect for getting just the right amount of product on my lower lashes. 

This is just perfect in particular for someone like me because I don't generally like to wear mascara on my lower lashes. Only because I ALWAYS end up getting it on my waterline then end up having to put eyeliner on it to blend it all in. I don't like this because generally the eyeliner and mascara tend to smudge and by the end of the day, my eyes just look horrible. I might as well had put the mascara on and cried all day. However, with this mascara, using the top bristles to coat my lashes then the rest of the brush to smooth it out gives my lashes this perfect coat of mascara. It's wonderful!

Please bare with me. I couldn't get my photo editor to get both of the pictures to come correct in the editor. So this is what my lashes look like with just about 3 coats of the mascara. I have very light, thin, and sparse lashes. It takes a lot to make them look wonderful. This mascara gives me awesome length when applying it. Definitely gets better the more coats that you put. Also a tip would be to put the mascara as close to your lash line as possible and wiggle your way up. This helps to darken the lash line making it appear fuller. The mascara doesn't give me that much volume unless I load it one, but nonetheless it's doing its job. It really looks like I have natural looking falsies on. Talk about a product that lives up to its name ;).

Now, I made this picture in black and white so you can really see the differences of my lashes with and without the mascara. My eyes on the left are with the mascara and my eyes on the right are without. (My gosh, what a difference mascara can make) It truly helped to lift my lashes. They already practically curl by themselves, but the mascara just gives it that extra bit of enthusiasm. It gave them such length and like I said, if I put on a few more coats, I would have loads of volume. 

Not only does this mascara define, life, give volume, and lengthen, it also lasts a really long time. You know how you put some mascaras on and after a while, it's like it just drifted away? Yea, it doesn't happen with They're Real! It will last you literally from the moment you put it on, to the moment you decide to take it off. Trust me. Testing it out, I fell asleep with it still on and I woke to loads of product still present on my lashes. Not to worry though! When you take it off with a gentle makeup remover, you won't lose any lashes either! Sometimes my lashes tend to rip off when taking mascara off or even just by playing with. However, it didn't happen with this mascara. 

This mascara is like the BEST mascara I've ever had. I love it so much. Definitely worth the $23 and I would go back and buy more when I run out of. Now only if they made a drug store mascara that could compete. ;) You can layer it with different mascaras if you don't want to give up your ultimate favorite one either. It's easy to remove and lasts all day. What more would you want from a mascara? Have you tried They're Real! Mascara? If not, I challenge you to give it a try! Tell me how you like it. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Avocado hair mask for Dry & Damaged hair/Split Ends

Hey ladies, 

So this weekend I experimented with some avocado and other ingredients for a hair mask that will nourish my hair after applying heat to it since school started. Before the hair mask, my hair felt very dry. You can practically see my split ends from a distance. I didn't want to just hurry up and cut away the split ends before trying to repair them. My mother bought an avocado, that I know she wasn't going to eat, so I used it for the mask. I was looking around for some recipes to use with the avocado, and I saw one from a website I can't remember. I tweaked it around a bit for my hair. Since it's long, thick, and curly. So here's the recipe that I used. 

  • Half of an Avocado (mines was already large so it was enough)
  • 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey
  • 1 Egg yolk
To start off, I just used a bigger sized bowl since my avocado was fairly large. I was going to use the whole avocado only because my hair is really thick, but the half was just perfect. You can save the other half in a container for your next hair mask or just eat it on some toast or a sandwich. Then I just added the rest of the ingredients. 2 tablespoons of EVOO, 1 tablespoon of Honey, and 1 Egg yolk. Now in order for me to separate the egg white from the egg yolk, I took an egg and with a fork I punctured a hole in the bottom. I then watched it carefully as all the egg white came out so that the egg yolk wouldn't come out with it. After that, I just put the egg yolk with the rest. Using a fork, I mashed all the ingredients together until there wasn't really any clumps left over. 

This is what it should look like 
 Now it's time for application. What I felt was best to do, was to actually apply it in the shower. Not while taking a shower, but in the tub so that if there's any mess (which there was) I can easily wash it down the drain. Another way that I made this easier was to first split my hair in half and then apply it. It wasn't really thick, so do expect a bit of a mess. It also depends on how much of each ingredient you actually put into it. I started from my ends first and worked my way to my roots making sure to cover all of my hair and use up all of the product. After you put it all in, just tied it up in a bun or clip it up for 20 minutes. 

This is what it looked like after putting it in my hair 
After 20 minutes, you want to rinse it out of your hair. Since I put 2 tablespoons of EVOO in my mask, it felt a bit oily when I was washing it out. After, you just want to make sure to shampoo before conditioning just to get any extra out of your hair. I let my hair rest for a while at its natural state (curly), then I went ahead and straightened my hair. 

When I straightened it, I noticed how sleek and shiny it looked. It was really soft and most of my split ends seemed to disappear. It was easier to work with and just a whole lot better. I was definitely satisfied with the results. I highly recommend this if your hair is feeling dry and damaged. Also if you have some split ends. I will definitely be doing this hair mask every 2 weeks or so to condition my hair since I will be using heat for the rest of the year. What hair masks have you ladies been using to condition your hair? Leave a comment below and I'll try it out! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

UPDATE: Urban Decay; Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 Glide on LipPencil in Venom

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey ladies,

It's fall, so that means bring out the deep toned plum lipsticks. Dark plum maybe magenta type lipsticks are definitely my go to lip color for this season. Because I'm a member of Ipsy, I'm able to participate in special offers straight through Facebook or Youtube called IpsyMe. Now with these events, you either go to Ipsy's FaceBook or any of the participating beauty guru's Youtube in order to purchase these products. The products usually fall into the categories of what's inside the participating month's bag. The products are always full size and can range from anywhere from palettes to lipstick combos like the one I got. The prices are usually discounted enough where they become a steal. ;)

What I purchased for last month's IpsyMe event was the new Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 glide-on lip pencil in the color Venom. I can't remember the name of the other color that was featured but this was the color I chose because I was originally looking into these colors for fall. I was a little hesitant at first because in my Ipsy bag last month, I got the revolutionary mini lipstick in the color Anarchy. Now that color would be another blog post, but lets just say it was extremely too bright for my color preference. The revolutionary lipstick is $22 and the 24/7 glide on lip pencil is $19. All together that is $41. Through IpsyMe, I paid $35 plus I got free shipping. You get to save $6 plus shipping, which would roughly be around $12 that your saving. Now if that's not an impulsive move I made, I don't know what is. 

This is what the color generally looks like on my skin tone. (Sorry for not better quality pictures, I'm working on that) On my arm, the right is a swatch of the lipstick while on the left is a swatch for the lip pencil. To me, the lip pencil has more of a matte finish to it and you can definitely go without. (Just make sure to hydrate your lips before) The lipstick has a bit of a classic feel to it. It's shiny, but not too shiny where it overpowers the color. 

For the texture of the products, the lip pencil was smooth to begin with. After application however, my lips felt pretty dry putting it on. I wanted to go without the lipstick because of the matte color I was getting, but the way my lips felt wouldn't allow me to. Sure if I put some lip balm or gloss on top, it would of solved the problem, but again I wanted it to be matte. When I put the lipstick on on top of it though, my lips became very smooth again. The color still had a bit of matte to it with a nice sheerness of shine. I just loved it! It felt moisturizing to my lips and I couldn't be happier. 

I wore this lipstick to school. (I'm in college, keep in mind) On a day where I would have 3 three hour classes back to back. To ensure I was testing out how long this lipstick could last without me having to reapply it. So lets start from the start of my day. I put my makeup on roughly around 8 or 9 in the morning. I had one class from 11:00-1:45. Lets just say I didn't need a touch up until after 2. The only reason why it even faded some, only in the center of my lips, was because of my coffee that I had previously. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have needed to touch up. I kind of like the ombre sort of look that it gave me however. It didn't completely wipe away, but it wasn't completely there either. The color was just perfect for that fall time dark ombre look. I didn't capture any pictures of that though. (Just take my word for it. I wouldn't lie to you lovely ladies) 

If you want a good lipstick that will last you all day. The revolutionary lipstick is the color for you. I haven't tried the lipstick without the pencil. (Only because I have the pleasure of having both, so why not use them both) I'm pretty sure that the color will look just as fabulous without the pencil as it is with the pencil. Just make sure to check yourself after you drink some coffee or eat your lunch. Other than that, I was extremely pleased with the lipstick and lip liner. My only wish was that the lip liner was more creamier and made my lips feel wonderful after applying it. I'm going to work it around a bit to see what I can do to improve the texture of it. 

Now for a little Ipsy promotion ;). I only purchased these products because it was available to me through IpsyMe. You can only and I repeat ONLY get offers like this if you're an Ipsy subscriber. If you would like to subscribe please click here. I can't stress enough how great Ipsy is. Especially if you want to try new makeup brands/products but don't want to go out and spend money of every little thing. There will be a post about this month's glam bag coming sometime this week. You can check out my previous reviews on past bags like AugustJuly, and June. With Ipsy, you get products based on your personal profile and makeup quiz that you get to take in the beginning. Don't like the products you got for that month, don't worry! Change your quiz before the 1st of the next month and I guarantee you things will be different. You also get to "rate" the products you got each month and you can even click to say you don't want products like these anymore. Don't forget to check it out and subscribe so you can participate in offer like these! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

- Leann


Here's a better picture of the color with my skin tone. 

Favorite face wash of all time

Thursday, September 5, 2013

If you're like me and you have normal to sensitive skin, keep reading this post. I have been using the same face wash since high school and I just absolutely love it. It makes my face feel fresh, wakes me up, and takes care of my blemishes whenever they start to appear.

My ULTIMATE favorite face wash is this Deep Clean Oil Free cream cleanser from Neutrogena. When I first started using this face wash, I didn't use the oil free one. For my type of skin, both oil free and the normal one still worked wonders on face. I'm not one who gets a lot of breakouts or anything, but if something small is surfacing, this is my go to product. 

Immediately after using it, my face is super soft and doesn't feel dry at all. Applying a moisturizer right after will be an added bonus, but I generally tend to skip that test. (I know, I shouldn't) What I do is just get my hands wet a little bit and pat my face. I don't want my face soaked or dry before I wash it. Then I just take a little bit of the cleanser, you really don't need much, and wash my face. I like to rinse my face with luke warm to cold water, just so that my pores don't stay wide open or anything. Then after that, I finish my morning routine. 

You know when you find a product that you LOVE and just can't go on with out it? Yes! This is one of those products. It was the first face wash I ever tried and I fell in love since the beginning. I was supposed to be a Senior in college, but I'm a junior. So I've been using this face wash for about 5+ years. If you have normal to sensitive skin, I highly suggest you try out this product if you're looking for a new face wash. Since it's oil free also, it would be a great product for people with oily skin. What's your go to face wash? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

It's that time again..

It's that time again ladies! Back to school. I'm going back to school as well. Which means, I'm not going to be as active as I want to be. I'm going to try to be very active and keep up with new reviews, posts, maybe some tutorials will be on way too. Just please be patient with me and if there's anything you would like me to review or do a post on, feel free to send me an email! Good luck this semester or school year if you're still in high/middle school!

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In these days with shopping deals, coupons, and credit cards, how can one overcome the addiction to shopping? Temptation is all over the stores. From buy one get one frees to spend $___ and get free shipping. Especially if you're a college student or someone who just graduated, credit card companies are headed your way. Telling you that you won't get any interest charges for X amount of months and giving you cash back on your purchase. There are many different ways that they are trying to lure you in but you have to decide whether that's a good investment for you.

Speaking from personal experience, credit card debt is no fun. You get your pay check and have to spend it mostly on the upcoming months bills. If you have more than 1 credit card, that's even more money your dishing out to pay someone back rather than saving or using it on yourself. How can you avoid falling into the trap of spending your money and taking out credit cards? Here are some helpful tips.

  •  Do you really need it?

Ask yourself, Do I really need this right now? If the answer is NO, put it back. Don't waste your money on something right now that can be used for something more important. Chances are, whatever you want will be on sale at a later time or even have coupons in the mail.

  • Are you financially secure
If you take out a credit card, are you able to keep up with monthly and full balance payments? If the answer is NO, do not open a new card. Nothing is worse than trying to buy things with money that you don't have now and don't have later. Wait until you're able to afford paying back whatever money you check out. 

  • Don't fall for spend $__ and get $___ off
When you have deals that are spend $30 get $10 off, they seem like a good idea but it's the investors way of getting you to spend more money. Especially if you were going to the store to buy one thing that costs $5. Stores will get you to spend more money just to get $5 or $10 off. 

  • Open a savings account
Chances are, when you put money into your savings account, you're most likely not going to spend it. Have your bank set it up so that a certain amount of money gets transferred to your savings once or twice a month. This will help you to save your money instead of spend it. 

I wish I had someone to teach me about saving money and credit cards, then I wouldn't be in the position I am now. With these helpful tips, I'm going to work on saving money and hopefully you can to! What other tips do you have for saving money and not falling into credit card traps? Leave a comment down below!

"Glamour Academy" Ipsy's 2013 August Glam Bag

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey ladies,

This months Ipsy glam bag was called Glamour Academy. It featured products from brands like Urban Decay, Michael Todd, Pixie, Mica Beauty, Pacifica, Smashbox, Chella, City Color, NYX, Noya, and Nailtini. Out of all these brands, we got 5 products based on our personal Ipsy quiz. The products were either a lipstick, lip balm, mascara, eyebrow pencil, cheek stain, nail polish, eyeshadow, facial scrub/mask, or blush. I was fortunate enough to get products from Urban Decay, Michael Todd, Pixie, Mica Beauty, and Pacifica.

The first product I got was the revolution lipstick by Urban Decay in the color Anarchy. It's a creamy lipstick but way too bright for my preference. Preferably a product that I would use if I was going to a night time party or club. It's very small and travel sized. Pretty moisturizing to the lips as well. 

The second product I got was this Pixie lash booster mascara in darkest black. I really like this mascara, it gives you a good even distribution without causing a lot of clumps. It makes my eyelashes more longer than giving it volume. Definitely a product that you can build up to achieve the lashes you desire. It's also a travel size. 

The next product was a Mica Beauty eyeshadow in the color Bronze. To get the color to pop more, I would use a nice eye primer or maybe even a lighter brown shade. You can get a nice brown smokey eye with a little bit of glam using this product. It lasts pretty well and is easy blendable if you don't want too much shimmer. 

Probably my favorite product ever from this months bag is this Michael Todd jojoba charcoal facial scrub. Yes, it is black because of the charcoal. When using this product, you want to gently rub it into your face, not too much though and if you let it sit for a few minutes, it's like you can feel it working on your face. I love it, sometimes I just want to keep it on my face for a while but after rinsing your face feels nice and soft. 

Last but not least, I got Pacifica's multi-mineral BB cream. It feels pretty light and gives good coverage. I can't say how good it is though because I don't really get break outs or anything. It gives enough coverage to make your skin tone even but also if you have beauty marks, you'll still be able to see them. 

This was what I got from my bag that was personalized for me. Ipsy is only $10 a month, free shipping.  You can get extra rewards for having other people sign up with your own personal link like mine here. Everything you get is based on your quiz and if you don't like a product you have the option to send feedback and let Ipsy know that you don't like that particular product or products like that. I just love Ipsy and will forever be a subscriber! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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