New Ipsy benefits

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey ladies,

It's around midterm time and school work has kept me pretty busy, so please bare with me! I know I keep saying it, but like they say... School comes first. Anyway, Ipsy has added some new ways to earn points for other beauty products in your bags.

At first you needed to have 2 people subscribe to Ipsy using your personal link in order to receive an additional item (that doesn't have anything to do with the months bag) in your glam bag. Now they made a new feature where you have to get 1000 points and then you choose what product you want. The item you pick has to be picked before the 1st in order to get it into that months bag. If you're like me, you were probably thinking.. "Holy cow! 1000 points? How am I going to reach that?!" Well no worries. Here are ways you can earn points.

  • Earn 250 points for each person who subscribes to your link. 
  • Earn 100 just for being a subscriber. 
  • Earn 10 points for each product you review on your profile each month. 
It isn't that hard right? Plus they change the products that you can receive every now and then. I don't know the actually time frame for that. So thus far, you can turn in points to either get Benefit's Badgal mascara, Kitsch's Bollywood hair ties, or NYX bronze smokey look kit. Great products for 1000 points. I've been LOVING the updates the Ipsy has been doing. I've been a subscriber since they first started in Dec 2011. There was only 1 bag that I missed and it was last year on my birth month. (March) The products are always good sizes and they have either been brands I haven't tried and fell in love with or products that just weren't up my aisle. For $10 a month, it truly is a great way to test products and different brands. Plus they ALWAYS have discount codes either for the brands whole site or the product itself. A great way to buy the full size or another size without having to pay full price. So if you would like to join Ipsy with me, just click this link. Should I start making videos on my reviews and post more in depth ones on my blog instead? Leave a comment down below and let me know! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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