Mix it up Plums: EM by Michelle Phan

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hey ladies,

Do I have a review for you. It's going to be on Em by Michelle Phan lip palette in the shade Mix it up Plums.

 This is Michelle's lip palette in the color Mix it up Plums. It features 6 lipsticks: 3 of which are glossy, 2 classic, and 1 that is matte. The top & bottom right and middle left are the glossy ones. The top left and center are classic. The bottom left is matte. Using this palette, I have really grown to love the bottom left matte mixed in with the middle classic. It gives me this awesome plum/fall color that isn't too bright or too dark. The matte also overpowers the classic to give me the perfect matte finish that I enjoy. Now the middle right side is empty so that you can mix up your own colors. It comes with a little lip brush too that's not shown in this picture only because it kept falling out while I was trying to capture to the colors well. The front cover is like this hard plastic cover with the logo and a few EM words in a clear text that's hard to see in a picture. As you can see, its a pretty small and convenient compact that you can take with you everywhere. 

Here's the first glossy color on my lips. Also known as number 1 if you were to look at the back of the compact. (Excuse my lips for looking very dry, I'm sick.) Out of all the glosses, this one is the most pigmented. It's dark like the 2 of the lipsticks and have specs of glitter in it. Very well to mix with dark lip colors. 

 This is known as number 2. It is a classic light purple color. The picture on the left shows it wit more light. This color goes very well with the other colors if you want to create and ombre lip. It's also a nice fall color if you don't want to be too bold and go too dark.

Number 3 is another glossy color. This one is more of a glitter gloss instead of a colored gloss with glitter. The more you pile on, the more it will show up. I'm showing the lip products by themselves so you can get a sense of what it would look like without anything else. As you can see from the picture on the left, it's a very glittery gloss. Something to put on top of a lipstick to get it to pop more. 

Number 4 is this classic dark plum color. It's showing a little bit brighter than it actually is in the left picture. The right picture is a more accurate color. At first I thought this was the same color as the matte lipstick, but after really looking at it, it is a few shades lighter. Perfect fall color. 

Number 5 is another gloss color. This one is the lightest of them all. I call this the fairytale glass because of how light and sweet looking it is. Perfect to put on bright purples and pinks. This palette is like the perfect halloween palette to create both fairytale and dark looks. 

This is the last number, number 6. It is a deep, dark, matte lipstick color. Out of all the lipsticks in the palette this is my favorite one of them all. It's super creamy and once it's on, it's on for good. 

For the quality and texture of this product, I just love it. I wore it out while I was at work. I put it on at about 9 in the morning, and I didn't have to worry about touching it up until around 4 in the afternoon. Which is surprising to me when it comes to lipsticks because a lot of companies claim their lip products last a long time, but most certainly do not. When I mean touch up, I didn't have to reapply my whole lip either. It was just fading a bit on my lower lip. As far as the texture, it's nice, smooth, and creamy. You definitely want to scrub your lips before hand because the colors (especially the matte) will show how dry your lips are. Chapstick after scrubbing is optional, however for me I didn't really need any. The lip products were very creamy and soft so it felt like I put lipstick mixed with chapstick right on. 

Swatch of the colors of my arm

Here I put a swatch of all the colors on my arm so you can see what it looks like with my skin tone. It goes from Number 4, 2, 6, 3, 1, and 5. Another thing with this palette though is that the glosses run out pretty fast. For me number 5 especially started running out a lot even when I was just swatching it on arm and putting it on my lips. I can almost see the bottom of it. The other glosses have a pretty good amount in them. I'm not sure if it was because I used a brush and not my fingers. I feel if you were to use your fingers, you'd have to keep going back to get more product. I'm not sure, either way you definitely getting more from the solid lipsticks opposed to the glosses. Nonetheless, they are all so great to use!

To apply the products, I just used this small lip brush from Costal Scents. It came with one of their brush sets that I just recently purchased. It looks like a very small shadow brush but actually works really well for the lips. It gets flat and is easy to apply, while also being able to get all the corners and line your lips perfectly. 

Some tips for using this particular palette is that you might want to use concealer to clean up your lips after. That will ensure that the color won't bleed, it does it just very little, and to give you a smoother, cleaner edge. For me, I tend to get a bit sloppy with my lipsticks and if I don't clean up with concealer, or even make up remover, it's going to look like I got it every where. Another tip would be to carry around some makeup remover wipes with you too. Since this is a darker colored palette, using the lip brush will get on the container itself. If you want to keep it clean and pretty, just use the makeup wipes to wipe away and product that got on the container. Also it's good to clean up the brush before you put it back in the container too. The brush it comes with is good for apply the color also, but I would recommend using your own lip brush if you're not comfortable using a smaller brush. 

Overall, I LOVED this product. It's perfect for me for fall because I like to experiment with plums. The classic colors give me some great colors and the matte is my go to color. The glosses aren't sticky at all. They are too creamy and feel like chapstick in a way. To remove, all you need is some makeup remover or whatever else you use to wipe you lipstick off. It lasts all day long and you only need a few touch ups now and then. It's even better that you can combine the different lip products to create your own shade. I would highly recommend this palette (in any color) if you want to have a choice when it comes to your lipstick. Play around and create new ones, or stick to the ones that are already present. It's small and handy with a mirror to that you can easily store in your purse or makeup bag. Take it one trips, dates, anywhere you please. Have you tried out this product before? Did you like it? Leave a comment down below! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! Don't forget to check out EMcosmetics and look at their makeup. They're having a promotion going on for $39 and 3 products to create some halloween looks!

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