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Thursday, August 18, 2016

If you could have a portable makeupstick, that's easy to use and easy to store, would you bring it with you everywhere? Well here's your chance, I'm sharing with you my thoughts on Pixi Beauty's new Multibalms!

Pixi Beauty was kind enough to send me all five shades of their new multibalms. I've tested these bad boys for a couple of weeks now, in different temperatures, using different techniques to see which is the best way to use these multibalms. 

These multibalm sticks are intended for your cheeks and for your lips. To give a nice pigmented color and comes in five different shades. The shades are Baby Petal (Petal), Soft Strawberry (Red Berry), Wild Rose (Mauve Rose), Sheer Sculpt (Cocoa), and Watermelon Veil (Pink). The multibalms have aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil to give it its creamy texture, that is also a more cream/powder finish, retailing at $12 each. Sheer Sculpt is one of those shades that you can use to contour with, which is a plus. 

When I first swatched them on my Snapchat (Tislee), I was like YES! But when I first tried it, I was like Oh god No, No. Clearly I wasn't using it right on my skin. I applied way too much, in one spot that I couldn't blend out quick enough and it felt a little too creamy on my face. It added texture to my skin and I didn't like that so much but I was determined to work with this because I love the colors. After using a stippling brush, I was like YES HONEY! GIVE ME LIFE SWEET PIXI! I was able to blend the colors out more and even focus it on one direct area at a time. I find that using a stippling brush as opposed to a dense brush, really makes the product look a whole lot better. It doesn't give off as much texture but the color payoff is well and you don't have to worry about applying too much product because you have control over how much you put on your brush. These have been like my go to blushes for the past few weeks. 

I find myself reaching for Soft Strawberry and Wild Rose everytime that I do my makeup. Those are my absolute favorite colors because when you apply Soft Strawberry on your cheeks, it gives off a nice flushed face look. Which I'm absolutely loving right now. And when you put it on your lips, first it feels like heaven. The color payoff is also so well that it looks like a bold lipstick when you're wearing it. There's no limitations when it comes to these multibalms, you can use them alone or combine them to make different shades. I also think they work well with each skin tone because the blush doesn't look too heavy but it has enough pigmentation that it shows up on skin tones like mine. The only stick I didn't like was the Sheer Sculpt because it didn't define my face as well as I hoped it would do. It sort of just blended into my skin tone but I can see people with medium and fair skin tones using this to contour. It's a nice alternative that you can bring with you everywhere. 

Overall, I love these multibalms. They feel very good on your lips and on your face as well. The pigmentation is great and it will even last through humid weather and some sweat. I went to Connecticut and the air was different than New Jersey, so I stayed out almost all day to test the wear of the multibalms and I was suprised that it didn't wear off throughout the day. The intensity may have gone down, but the color was still there. Definitely one of my favorite multipurpose sticks to use. Have you tried these out yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below and I'll see you soon. 

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