Tuesday, May 28, 2013 is a beauty site created by Michelle Phan. For $10 a month, toward the mid of the month, you will get a "glam" bag filled with about 5 products from different brands. Some of the products are full sized and others are samples. Personally, I've been a member since it was first created in December 2011 because I believe that it is a good investment. Each month is a different theme and that coordinates with the style bag you receive and the products that are in it. They are a variety of products and different colors for things like lipstick, nail polish, and eyeshadow all based on the beauty quiz that you take in the beginning. What you answer in the beauty quiz is your personal preference and will be used to determine what products will be best for you for your monthly glam bags. You can always go back and retake the quiz whenever you will like.  They charge you every first of the month, and shipping usually begins around the 14th-15th that I noticed. Also, the brands that contribute to the glam bag for the month, will usually give discount codes for their products that were featured. So if you really enjoyed a product from that month, you can purchase it with a little discount. In the past, Ipsy has even worked with Justfab and Numestyle for create offers that are only available to members. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want and even give a subscription for 3, 6, and I believe 12 months for a friend if you will like. I recommend this for anyone who likes trying new products. The products that you get are well worth over $10, so it's like a bargain every month. Ladies, give Ipsy a try and if you don't like it, unsubscribe. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.
P.S. I also forgot, you can create looks on Ipsy. Where it's a collection of your favorite youtube videos. They don't have to be your own and they can be from various people. You can add beauty products that are used and pictures as well.


My names Leann, and I'm your average college student obsessed w beauty, coffee, and roses. Hence the title on my page and blog link. I've always been interested in beauty since middle school, but have always limited myself. It wasn't until I joined, Ipsy in December 2011 that I really got into trying to expand my knowledge about beauty and different products. So thank you Michelle Phan for creating the perfect website for ladies all over the world who are interested in beauty. This blog will consist of beauty product reviews, tips, and tricks. I get my inspiration from both Michelle and Andrea. I will also be blogging about my journey with weight loss. I'm not trying to be skinny, but healthy. With occasional personal posts and posts about coffee and roses, I hope you will enjoy my blog and it will inspire you as well. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

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