Dramatic hair changes after a break up?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is it true what they say about girls and their hair changes? Do we really change our hair after break ups?  Well, not just for break ups, but when we want to feel brand new. Bring back that confidence we used to have before. To reinvent ourselves. Face it, our hair is a big important part of our lives. From curly to straight, black to blonde, short to long, there are endless possibilities that you can do with it. But when do we get those sudden urges to do dramatic differences to our hair? After break ups of course.

After my break up last year, I was dying for a change. Being that I'm trying to grow out my hair really long, why not go for a color change? I went from jet black to this beautiful color. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was the lightest I could go being that I do dye my hair often. 1 bleach and about 3-4 rinse bleaches later.... On top of the actual dyed color, this was what I came out with. It took literally 5-6 to get this. Although this color is a bit brighter than what it was the first time I straightened my hair. 

Dying my hair gave me back life. It made me feel so different and gorgeous. It really uplifted my spirits and I focused more on myself. In doing that, I came across my current boyfriend a few months later. Lets just say a few month after being with him, I went through another color change because I wanted to rid myself of what I did before to make myself feel better. Now I'm back to black. Well... dark brown with a red undertone because I accidentally dyed my hair black with blue tones. It was complete fail. 

Changing your hair can give you such confidence when going through hard times, not just a break up. Just remember, don't make any decisions while you are upset. If you're mad and you just want to cut your hair because of it, you may regret it the next day. Yes, it's good to make decisions to change your hair, but doing it while your upset can lead you to be even more upset. Think it through and what you would like to do while you're calm and relaxed. It will make you feel better and who knows.. you may just meet your prince charming after all. What dramatic hair changes have you made? Did you regret it? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Make your own lipstick out of eyeshadow

Recently, Michelle Phan has put up a contest on her site. If you post a picture wearing orange lipstick to her site, you must be a member, you have the chance to win a Hello Kitty compact mirror signed by her! So I thought, why not try this contest out ya know? I didn't have any orange lipstick or lipgloss, so I decided to make my own.

To make it, this is what you need:
  • Vaseline, lip gloss, or chapstick
  • Eyeshadow color of your choice
I just used some of my EOS chapstick and an orange colored eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents 252 palette. I just scraped a little bit of chapstick and mixed it with some of the orange eyeshadow with a lip brush. I brushed this on my lips, then wet the lip brush and applied more shadow. It came out a little dark than the color, so then I used a shimmering orange shadow to brighten up the color more. This is what I came up with. 

I didn't want to make it more pigmented because it was my first time trying out orange lipstick and I didn't want it to be too crazy. It was pretty perfect and I really liked how it came out. My lips felt nice and conditioned and not dry at all. It look a little more matte and sheer than shiny and glossy if I were to use a lip gloss. Have you ever tried to make to your own lipstick out of eyeshadow?

If you want to keep more of the color you made, just get a small container to put it in. Simply mix a little bit of chapstick, gloss, whatever and some eyeshadow. The more eyeshadow you use, the more pigmented it will be. Try not to use too much chapstick or gloss though! Did you know you can also use eyeshadow to make your own nail polish? Leave a comment down below if you would like me to make another post on that! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

30 day flat abs challenge

Monday, July 29, 2013

Not only will I be doing the 30 day squat challenge, but I will also be doing the 30 day flat abs challenge. Although, there are 2 that I've seen and I'm not to sure which one I should do. Being that my figure is more of an hour glass type shape, I want to get back to the flat stomach I used to have in high school. With my new retro styled bathing suit, I also want to flatter my curves more by achieving a more toned stomach so that my waist will be nice and tiny how I like it. Here are the 2 that I've seen.

I'm not too sure which one I should do and it seems that maybe the first one will be more effective. Which one would you guys like to see me do? For this one I can obviously show you before and after pictures. Leave a comment down below and let me know which one you think I should do! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

30 day squat challenge

Hey ladies,

In today's world, it seems it has become a greater aspiration for women (of all ages) to acquire the "ideal" body. Nice toned legs, flat abs, and a cute perky butt. With challenges like the 30 day squat challenge, the question is.. is it effective?

I did start this challenge about a week ago, but I wasn't following the guide. I thought that you just go up by 5 squats every 3 days, but I was wrong. So I'm going to begin to start this over again starting tomorrow. With challenges like this, it's best to start off the beginning of the month, but if you keep pushing it off, odds are you aren't going to start it. In the hopes of having more toned legs and a cute butt, I will be starting this challenge to see just how effective it really is. For personal reasons, I won't show any before and after pictures, but I will give you guys my honest opinion and keep up with weekly updates. I challenge you to take this challenge with me. Keep me posted by leaving comments down below or tweet me! I'd love to see how you're progressing. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Wash your brushes using Baby Shampoo

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Is it just me or does it feel like I've been talking a lot about brushes today? It's important that brushes are being talked about because they are the most important tool in your make up kit. They are what you use to help apply your make up, duh! So of course knowing more about them and taking care of them should be a necessity. The importance of cleaning your brushes, is that you want to make sure they are clean before using them on your face. And if you're acne-pron, a cleaner brush will help you to not break out as much.

Before, I used dish detergent, hand soap, and even vinegar to clean my brushes. This time I tried out just using baby shampoo. That's it. Only baby shampoo. Now what I did was just simply rinse off my brush with warm water, swirl it around in the baby shampoo, and rinse again! Vuala! You now how a nice clean brush.

What I found out from using baby shampoo, was that my brushes felt softer after rinsing them. Shaping them right after was much easier as well. Here's a tip I learned from Bubz Beauty. Take the towel that you're going to use to dry your brushes and roll up the ends. Put the end of the brush on the leveled part, and the brush face down towards the flat side of it. This elevation is going to make it harder for water to end up where the glue and bristles meet. That way, the glue won't get unstuck and the bristles will last longer. For dual end brushes, I just let them dry normally and not elevated.

This was the best method of washing my brushes in my opinion. The baby shampoo is strong enough to clean the brushes, but gentle enough where it won't destroy them. If you wear make up on a daily basis, I suggest washing them every week. Every couple of days if you use foundation daily. What ways have you cleaned your brushes? Leave a comment down below! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

How to make your lipstick matte

Hey ladies,

I don't know about you, but sometimes I wish my favorite lipstick was matte instead of glossy. For me, I personally feel matte lipstick looks best on me. It compliments my lips very well. Being that they're not too big but not too small either. There's a way that you can instantly mattify your lips though! All you need is one thing.

  • Translucent powder
Yes! That's it. All you need to do is apply your favorite lipstick, lipstain, whatever. Blot it a little with a tissue. Take a sponge applicator and apply the translucent powder all over your lips. I use my Studio Magic BB Pore Powder by Mirenesse. Afterwards, just pat your lips together and they will instantly look matte! With this specific powder, my lips felt more smoother and moisturized. I was very surprised actually, I expected them to feel pretty dry. You can also apply an eyeshadow that is whatever shade of lipstick you are using. There are also lip mattifying products that you can buy instead if this is not what you want to use. 

Whatever choice you decide will make your favorite lip color matte just how you like it! Is there another way you mattify your lips? Let me know in the comments down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Homemade dry, frizzy hair remedy

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's the summer time and that means for us curly haired ladies the hot, humid weather just messes with our curls. They dry out, get frizzy, have no shine, and just doesn't feel soft anymore. Plus, washing your hair on a daily basis can cause the natural oils in our hair to be stripped away. The outer layer that protects our hair and showcases our natural shine is also stripped away too. No worries though! We can fix this! All you need is 3 simple ingredients.
  • 1/2 cup of Mayo
  • 2 tablespoons of Olive oil
  • 1 egg
Yes! That's all. Each ingredient has a certain purpose and helps our hair during its time of need.

The mayonnaise: Protects it from the sun, conditions the strands, and repair damage.

The olive oil: Tames frizzy hair, adds shine, and softens the hair.

The egg: Strengthen hair, makes more silkier and softer, makes it more manageable, and hydrates.

In a bowl I mixed all the mayonnaise, olive oil, and egg. Instead of using just the yolk, I used the whole egg to help bind everything together. Then I just separated my hair into 4 parts and applied all of the mixture throughout my hair. I made sure to pay attention to my roots and my ends. I have have thick curly hair, so for my first time I used 1 cup instead of 1/2 cup. It was a little more extra than I needed, but I conditioned my hair very deeply with all of it. I put a plastic cap over my head and let it sit for 30 minutes. Of course it's time to rinse, so I rinsed it out with warm water. Afterwards I just used conditioner in my hair just to make sure that everything was out and good.

When I got out the shower, my hair felt very soft so I just put a tad of leave in conditioner and olive oil in it. Then I put it in a bun and wore my hair like that for the rest of the night. The next day, I took my hair out the bun and just fluffed it out a bit. I noticed that my hair did feel very soft, looked so much shinier, and just felt stronger after all. It was a wonderful treatment to do and my hair was so much less frizzy then it normally is when I let it air dry. What have you used to conditioner and tame your frizz? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Tips for buying brushes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Buying brushes can be pretty expensive depending on the type and what brand you get. If you read my post earlier, here, I talked to you about buying the right brush for you. Keep in mind, that you want to lean more towards brushes that are going to be in your everyday use. You don't want to stack up on brushes that are you just going to dust away on your vanity.

Whether you're being wildlife friendly, or simply want to save money, synthetic brushes are your best bet! Many companies are using synthetic brushes opposed to animal hair brushes because they were able to mimic and recreate the performance and quality of animal haired brushes. 

Here's a major tip you want to use when shopping for these brushes:

  • Test them out: Swirl the brush on your inner arm. If it feels harsh to your skin or sheds, the quality is poor. 
Another great tip to follow is try out the brushes that were already with the product. Odds are, the mini brush with your new bronzer is a great brush to use for it. I usually never use the brushes that come with certain make up, but now I realized that they're there for a purpose! Don't just throw them away or don't use them because they're not your Mac or Bobby Brown brushes. Give it a chance and odds are you're going to like it. What brands do you just love when it comes to brushes? What's your tip for saving money when it comes to brushes? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

One make up brush every beauty lover should have

With all the different choices of brushes out there, what's one that you can use for almost everything?! You'll be surprised that that brush would be a small to medium fluffy eye brush.

Really? That's all? YES! You can use this brush for almost all of your essential needs when it comes to your make up. 

  • Apply eye primer
  • Apply cream and powder eyeshadow
  • Smudge eyeliner
  • Buff foundation
  • Buff concealer
  • Apply lipstick
Many different uses for one simple tool. Isn't it amazing? What other brushes do you use for a different purpose other than what it was made for? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Choosing the right brushes for you

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hey ladies,

I just finished reading my Allure magazine for this month and there was a great article in it about what type of brushes you should get for you. I know almost every girl probably lusts over the various make up brushes that they see their make up gurus have, but do we really need all of those brushes? To be honest no. When picking what types of brushes you should get, think about what you would actually use for your everyday make up. If you're like me, and a classic winged eyeliner, mascara, and the perfect lip do it for you: then a whole bunch of foundation and eyeshadow brushes shouldn't be your choice. 

When shopping for brushes, just think: what do I do for my everyday look? If it consists of the full on foundation, eyeshadow, bronzer, and lipstick the have various types of brushes are for you. If not, you should only invest (greatly) in brushes that you use everyday. It will save you money that you can use for products within your daily routine.

Yes, I know we all want the lovely collection of brushes, but what's the point of having them all if you're not going to use them? Here's my tips to you. 

1. Figure out what you're daily make up look is. 

2. Buy brushes accordingly. 

It's that simple ladies! However, if you are an inspiring make up artist, or a beauty guru, various brushes are for you! You can use them to help create your masterpieces. Again, if eyeshadow isn't your thing, buying a whole bunch of different eyeshadow brushes shouldn't be in your mind. I was reading this article like wow. I don't need anymore foundation or powder brushes. Eyeliner and lip brushes are perfect for me! This will help you to save money more and invest what's essential for you. What's you're daily make up look? Leave a comment below and let me know! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

DIY Floral Print High Waisted Shorts

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey loves,

So the other day I recorded a video of me making my own pair of floral print high waisted shorts. I don't have any stills of the video yet, but you can click here. Please show my YouTube some love! I'm going to be working harder and trying to save up so I can buy a better camera. I used my Mac for this only because I don't have a tripod for my digital camera. The video is a little bit low quality, but I'm proud of myself! I told myself that I would do this, and I actually did. PLUS, I never knew how hard it was to make your own video until today. The editing really took a bit of time and so did exporting and uploading it.

It's a bit hard to describe without pictures, but I'll try my best.

  1. First thing you want to do it get your fabric and cut out the general shape of the shorts. 
  2. Then I just roughly cut around the edge of the front left of the short, all around until I was satisfied. 
  3. If there's a little bit of fabric left, you can fold it and then glue it down to the shorts. 
  4. You then want to glue down the whole area around the front of the shorts making sure there isn't any fabric just hanging off. 
  5. Next, I did the same thing to the back pocket, I used the other side that I did the first part on, and cut the area for the back pocket. 
  6. Next I used the fabric glue again to glue it all around. 
  7. Finally, I took a hair dryer to dry all the extra glue that was drying up. It speeds up the process rather than having it hair dry. 
The fabric glue that I was used was this one I got from my local craft store called Hobby Lobby. It comes out white and dries up clear. Now since my fabric was lace and not a solid floral print, it did get messy on my fingers. (Tip: Dont paint your nails right before making these shorts.) I ended up ruining my nails all over again. I absolutely love these shorts. I got them from TJMaxx for about $15 and used an old lace floral print shirt for the front and back. It came out really nice and I'm so happy that I tried this out! Have you made any of your own floral pants yet? Leave a comment down in the section below and tell me how it went. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Beach Beauty: Ipsy's July 2013 glam bag

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This month's theme for Ipsy's glam bag is called Beach Beauty. Featuring items that protects your skin and hair from the sun. Flirty eyeshadow colors that bring out your inner goddess and lip/cheek stains to give you the perfect pouty lip and flushed cheeks.

Pink clear "beach bag"

This month's bag featured items from POP Beauty, BH cosmetics, COOLA, Sexy Hair, Derma E, Benefit, Demeter, and Nailtini. Items featured were a lip crayon, eyeshadow, sunscreen/tinted sunscreen, hair spray, a facial scrub, and nail polish. I got the lip crayon from POP Beauty, eyeshadow from BH cosmetics, unscented sunscreen from COOLA, Big Sexy hair spray, and Derma E facial scrub.

Big Sexy by Sexy Hair
Big Sexy by Sexy Hair was another product of theirs I've gotten in my glam bag. It's their weather proof humidity spray. If I wasn't such a hermit crab who stays in their shell, I could tell you how it does. I put some in my hair today though and it didn't leave a sticky feeling that most hair sprays do tend to leave. It smells good and my hair is still soft afterwards.

Microdermabrasion scrub by Derma E 

A small, maybe trial size container of Derma E's Microdermabrasion scrub. It's an 100% vegan and animal cruelty free product that uses dead sea salt and volcanic sand. The purpose is to clear away dead skin cells that are still on the surface of your skin, minimize wrinkles & acne scars, and absorb excess oil from your face. I used this with my Clarisonic Mia. Afterwards my face felt a bit dry but the crystals in the scrub did do wonders to my skin. You're supposed to use this about 2 times a week and I think it's pretty effective.

Coral Crush by POP Beauty
I got a pouty pop crayon in the color Coral Crush by POP Beauty. This was very moisturizing to my lips when I put it on and blending it in more with my fingers gave my lips that natural pink lip tone. It was the perfect shade for my skin tone. Afterwards, your lips just feel really smooth and soft. I was excited about this product and I'm glad that I was able to get it in my bag!

California Collection Eyeshadow samply by BH Cosmetics

A sample size of BH Cosmetic's California Collection. It came with the colors Hollywood, San Francisco, and Malibu. Hollywood is a deep purple, San Francisco is a nice tan brown, and Malibu is nice golden color. To me personally, these are the perfect colors to achieve a sexy goddess type look. That's what I thought immediately after I saw the colors. I would use San Francisco as a base, Malibu all over my lid, and Hollywood on the outer corners and crease. Very, Very nice. They each have their own separate collections that you can purchase.

Mineral Face SPF 20 unscented moisturizer by COOLA

Last but not least, I got an unscented moisturizer with SPF 20 from COOLA. This sunscreen is hypoallergenic and is supposed to be ultra sheer. I may have put a bit too much on when I first used it because you could definitely tell that I had sunscreen all over my face. This is perfect to use on your face when you go out into the sun, or if you're just relaxing inside of your house. Mix this with foundation that doesn't have SPF in it in order to provide your foundation with SPF and protect your face.

These are all of the products that I got in my glam bag based on my personal quiz from IPSY. Other products that were in the bag were Benetit by Benifit, Soy renewal beach spray by Sexy Hair, Rose essence tinted moisturizer from COOLA, Salt air perfume oil roll on from Demeter, and a nail polish in Mai Tai from Nailtini. All of the products were great that I got and I hope that others enjoyed as well. If not, Ipsy does have a forum and a section where you can discuss with other Ipsysters in order to trade products. If you would like to subscribe to Ipsy please click this link. I'll be back next month to talk about August's glam bag. If you are subscribed to Ipsy please tell me how you liked the products down below in the comments. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

L' Oreal Paris: True Match foundation

Monday, July 15, 2013

In one of my beauty magazines, there was this coupon for the True Match foundation. It came with questions to determine to skin tone and then squares with all the different foundations, for cool/warm/neutral. I'm neutral and foundation color turned out to be classic tan (n7).

I personally don't wear foundation often because I don't have too many blemishes to cover up. A little concealer will go a long way for me. I have normal to sensitive skin. Although my pores around my nose are HUGE. I didn't wear primer when trying out this product because I wanted to see how it was.

Pros: This foundation covers EVERYTHING! That small pimple on my forehead, gone. Dark circles, gone. Even skin tone, achieved. My face, neck, and above my chest aren't tan as the rest of my body. I haven't been out too much in the sun lately, and my face tends to burn. This foundation gives my face the perfect match to my body. Guess what? My coworkers and customers couldn't even tell I had foundation on. I used it all day at work and it didn't streak or anything. It's flawless skin in a bottle. Trust me when I say a little bit goes a long way. Each time I used it, I used less and less.

Cons: Because my pores are so large, you could tell a bit after applying. (I'm sure a primer would of fixed that problem) After a few hours, if you're working/sweating/etc, you do need to blot a little bit. My face sweated some at work, and the oiliness around my nose was visible. Something a little blotting papers can fix. Also, you may have to set this with a powder just to be safe. I should have bought the powder to match, but I didn't.

It's hard for me to use foundations and such only because I don't have many blemishes, so I can't really tell if it makes a big difference or not. Also, it matches my skin tone so well, sometimes I forgot I even had it on. To see if I still did when I came home, I simply wiped it off. It was on, and lasted all day. The few blemishes I did have were concealed and my dark circles were too. (It covered better than my concealer) So of course, I didn't have concealer on top. I really love this product and it's great when I look tired and want a flawless face for work. It was inexpensive and truly worth it. Have you tried this product out? Let me know how it works for you. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Drugstore Beauty Haul

I found myself at Walmart the other day and with coupons of course, picked up a few new beauty products. A foundation, lip stick, eyeliner, mascara, frizz cream, and this shaving bundle. Having coupons was a plus too because I saved about $9.50. Some of the products, I loved and others.. well, you know the rest.

Starting from the top left and working my way down and to the right, here's what I got:

1. Wet n Wilds matte lipstick in the color Just Peachy. A bit too bright for my skin tone, so I tone it down by wiping some off after applying. $1.97.

2. Revlon's new suede lipstick in Couture. It's very moisturizing when first applying, however after a hour or so, it gets really sticky. Maybe I'll test it out again, but for now, I'm not liking it too much. $7.48.

3. NYC's eyeliner pencil in white. I use this primarily for my waterline, to make my eyes bigger. I have to layer it up a bit for it to show up and it lasts a decent amount of time. $0.93.

4. L' Oreal's true match in the color Classic Tan. I will be making another post talking specifically about this product. Look out for it. $8.97.

5. John Frieda's Frizz-Ease finishing creme. It leaves my hair feeling soft and does control my frizz well. I applied it to at least 65% dry hair. $5.37.

6. Covergirls Clump crusher in Black. I LOVE this mascara. It makes my eyelashes look like I have very nice natural falsies on. I layer it up and it gives me length and volume. $6.94.

7. Covergirls flamed out mascara. When it says "flamed out," it wasn't lying. It really does flame out your eyelashes. It makes your eyelashes look like you have falsies on as well. $5.94. 

8. Maybelline's master precise liquid eyeliner in black. You have to be steady and patient when applying this liquid liner or you will seriously mess up. Perfect for perfecting your wings. $5.94. 

9. Venus shaving pack. It came with a razor, shaving cream, and body wash. I've only used the razor, but it was still a great bargain. $5.00.

Some of the products were a hit and others were a miss. They were all very affordable and worth the try though. Have you tried any of these products? If so, leave a comment down below and lets talk about it. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Is worth the $10 a month?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hey girlies,

With many other monthly beauty "bags" that various sites have, some people's question is: Is Ipsy worth the $10 a month. If you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a site created by Michelle Phan where ladies (of all ages) sign up to receive a glam bag every month. The bag costs $10 and you get 4-5 products, some being full sized and others are trials. Each month is a different theme and coordinates with what products are in it. There are also products from many different makeup brands. Ones I'm not too familiar with and others that are very popular. Over the time since Dec 2011, I just wanted to show you guys the products I've collected from Ipsy. View Ipsy's page here.

Minus March 2013's bag and a few products I've used up, these are majority of the Ipsy products I've received since Dec 2011. A lot of them are/were full sized, while others are trial/sample sizes. (To be honest, Ipsy products I've received do make up majority of my make up collection) Being that I'm just started to build my collection and become a beauty blogger, Ipsy gives me the opportunity to try out and review new products that I may have purchased again. Each month, the companies that participated, give a little discount or offer for the month. They usually last until the 1st or 2nd week of the next month. Also, in previous bags we did get super discounted coupon offers from NuMe and other companies. 

Your glam bag is based off your glam profile. Where you answer questions like your make up style, eye color, hair color, etc. Then the products and colors (I believe) are chosen to your profile and given to you each month. That's why if there's a big variety of products for the month, you may get something another lady wouldn't. They also have a link I'm the forum I believe, where you can discuss with other ladies if you wish to switch around some products. 

I haven't tried any other sites like this, but leave a comment down below so I can check it out. Maybe some time I. The future, I'll sign up to it and let you ladies know how I enjoy it. I just really love Ipsy, not only because Michelle Phan created it, but because it brings a lot of opinionated ladies together. We can create our own "look" with a collection of different YouTube videos pertaining to that particular look. You can create your own profile and get other ipsysters to like your page and love your looks. It's a great site to bring ladies together, and although not everyone may love it, there's a good amount of us who stays as loyal customers to Ipsy. 

There's rewards every now and then too. If Ipsy sees you as someone whose been with them for a while and are just a great ipsyster, they may send you an extra product every now and then that others may not get. It's a little reward for being a valued customer. You can also earn an extra reward for getting 2 people to sign up using your own personal Ipsy link. You can connect it to your Twitter or Facebook. 

So do I think Ipsy is worth the $10 a month? Yes! Of course. Each month your bag can be valued at $40+ that you're only paying $10 for. How amazing is that? If you want to sign up for Ipsy, click this link here. If you want to share with me other sites you have used like this, comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! 

3 different ways to find out your skin undertone

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ever wonder why a certain color doesn't look right against your skin? Or why some make up doesn't flatter your skin as it should. It's because you may be choosing the wrong product for your skin tone. When dealing with skin tones; you're either warm, cool, or neutral. So of course warm toned people look better in yellow based colors while cool cool toned people look better in blue tones.

There's 3 ways to figure out your skin tone.

  • Using your veins

The best way to check your skin tone using your veins would be to check during the day using natural light. Preferably coming from an open window. Now what you want to do is put your hand into a fist and squeeze. What I do to make my veins "pop" more is just tap them with two fingers. This personally helps me to see them more. If your veins are more of a blue color, you are a cool tone. If your veins are more of a green color, then you are a warm tone. However, if your veins are like a combination of both green and blue veins, then lucky you, you are a neutral toned!

  • Gold/Silver 
It's also said that gold and silver can play in part with warm in cool. I used jewelry, but you can use gold and silver fabric to determine if you're warm or cool. I wore a piece of gold and silver jewelry on each wrist to find out which one makes your skin glow and light up. With your fabric, you should hold it up to your face to see how it works. Now if the gold makes your skin look more alive, you are warmed toned. If the silver makes your face fresher then you are cool toned. 

  • Genetics
Finally, your genetics can play a part in whether you are warm or cool toned. People with warm undertones usually have dark brown, hazel, green, or amber eyes. Their hair usually has golden tones to it. Meaning red, yellow, orange, and gold. People who are cool toned have eyes that are usually blue, blue green, turquoise, cool brown, you get the point. Their hair usually has blue, silver, and blue violet undertones to it. If you're having a hard time figuring out if you're warm or cool toned, you may be possibly neutral toned. 

Finding the right make up undertones for your skin tone can now be achieved. Foundation powders with a more yellow tone to it is great for warm toned people. Foundation powders with a more pink tone to it is great for cool toned people. For blushes, people with cool tones should use a pink or purple undertone, while people with warm tones should use a peachy or brown tone. People with neutral tones can use tones that are pinkish brown or peachy-violet.

I hope this help and if you have another way to find out your undertone, leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

Source: : Yahoo

How young is too young to wear make up?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Face it, we live in a world where we're constantly learning and advancing. Technology went from having a house phone as a means of communication, to having your own personal mobile cell phone. Today young girls are 13-14 looking as if they're 18. 18 year old girls are acting as if they're 21. No matter how hard we may try, we simply cannot put a hold on today's youth and stop them from growing up too fast. So what's todays topic you may ask. How young is too young to wear make up. Now, I don't mean just mascara and eyeshadow, but foundation/concealer/powder. The full 100% make up.

From a young age, I believe in elementary school, we are taught about puberty. How our body is going to change. Young girls are told that when they go through puberty and get their period, they are women now. So why is that when they try to "grow up" and do somethings that young women do, they get bashed on. We teach them that getting their period is the next step to "adulthood," that they are young ladies in the making. They begin to start wearing bras, going out with their friends more, even getting a cell phone. Girls as young as 10 have a better phone than my mother. So why is it when it comes to make up, we tell them that they're too young to wear it.

Keep in mind as you're reading this that this is my own personal opinion. I'm in no way speaking for others but how I feel. I started wearing make up in 7th or 8th grade. I always saw my mother put make up on and I thought wow. This stuff is so cool, I want to wear it too. I grew up with two brothers and a younger sister who only visited. My friends weren't really interested in the same things as me, so make up was never talked about. One day I just started experimenting. I wore my mother's mascara and the next day at school, some of my friends were questioning what I had on and told me I looked funny. I tried so hard to fit in that I thought if I arched my eyebrows, they would talk to me more. Lets just say.. it didn't turn out good at all. Complete fail. By 8th grade, I was wearing eyeshadow and mascara. And yes, I was one of those girls who matched their eyeshadow color to the color of my shirts. One day, I wore black eyeshadow because my shirt was black with different colors on it. My mother dropped me off to school and before she let me out, saw the black eyeshadow and wiped it off. I looked like I had two black eyes.

By high school, I wasn't really wearing make up that often. Freshman year, I finally got contacts and my confidence rose. By sophomore year I got braces and I couldn't be happier. I just always wore the basics. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I never used foundation/concealer/powder/blush/bronzer any of that before. I had pretty good skin too. I never broke out and if I did, it was so small you couldn't really notice it. I really never knew or know now how it feels to have your face break out a lot. So, so grateful.

Back to the point, I feel that if you tell a girl that she becomes a "young adult" when she reaches puberty, then why not let her play around with some adult things. Face it, today girls as young as 13 have YouTubes talking about make up and doing a full face routine. We may be trying to keep today's kids as youthful and innocent as ever, but the world is changing and they are growing up faster. I say, we should let them experiment with make up. She what they like and don't like. Not for the idea of trying to be like celebrities and models, but to love who they are and only enhance how they feel about themselves. Girls should know that they don't need make up to make themselves the ideal of beauty, but that they are beautiful without it too. If they want to try it out, just let them. It's going to happen one way or another, so why not teach them a better idea of make up. I do not wear make up because I feel I need it, I wear it because I like it. That's what it should be about.

For girls growing up, their appearance is always being something that others judge. Going through puberty, some girls may experience really bad break outs. So of course they are going to think they need make up to cover it up. Instead of teaching them how to hide the marks, teach them how to take proper care of skin and use different methods to hide their blemishes. Confidence is going to play a big part of  growing up, so we should teach them to love their selves first and help with future insecurities. I feel as though, whatever they'll be confident with, we should do our best to help and teach them about it.

Being somebody who talks about make up, youtube, are actual make up artists, should show young girls the positive reasons behind make up. Especially at a young age, but again. It's what they feel confident in. Everyone is going to have their own opinion about make up and young teens, but that's a conversation their mother should have with them. We don't want to teach them that they can only achieve beauty with make up. Make up is used to enhance your beauty, not create it.

With great videos on skin care, and the importance of being confident within your own self, we can teach young girls the importance of finding the beauty within themselves. Teach them the positivity of make up and not use it as something to fix what's wrong with you. So how is too young to wear make up? Well, that depends all on what her parents think and talk about with her. We shouldn't bash young girls for wearing make up, but educate them when they want to. It's better to show that you're supporting and encouraging them the right way. That's all I really have to say on this topic. Feel free to comment down below what your opinions about this are. Remember, you're beauty truly shows when you're beautiful on the inside. People will notice and pay attention to that then your make up. It's an enhancer, not a beauty maker.

Update: Loving RiRi Hearts

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Here's a couple of snapshots of me rocking RiRi's lip line.

These two are pictures of me wearing Heaux. It's become my favorite lipstick of all time. I prefer deeper colors for my skin tone, preferably matte also. Only because I think it compliments my lip shape better than a satin or glossy finished lipstick. I actually wore this lipstick to work one night, by the time I got home and relaxed, (6 hours later) it still looked like I just applied it. I didn't have to reapply it once. The only think was that my lips were feeling a bit dry, but that's nothing a little lip balm can fix. 

This color on my lips is RiRi Woo. It's more vibrant and warmer than Heaux. Something I would wear to work on special holidays or for special occasions. Again, it lasts very long and is smooth when first applying. It actually does makes my lips feel a bit softer too. I'm in love with these lipsticks and if you were able to grab yourself some, I hope you love them too! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

Beauty Tool of the Week

Monday, July 1, 2013

Maybe every Monday or so, I will be making a post about my favorite beauty tool of the week. From the previous week of course. What I'm currently obsessing over are these pointed q-tips.

These are a very inexpensive that I got from Walmart. I saw Michelle Phan make a post or something about these a while back, and haven't gotten a chance to actually get some of my own. So then, I was at Walmart one day, just browsing around for nail polish and I stubbled upon them. It just hit me, like wow, I wasn't even looking for these but I found it. Of course I had to get them for myself.

The difference between these q-tips and normal q-tips are that they are pointed as you can see. They are NOT to be used for your ears. These are specially made to fix mistakes when applying your nail polish or when doing your makeup. They are for cosmetic purposes only! Please, do not try to use these to clean your ears. 

What I love about these special q-tips are that they are perfect for when you make a mistake when applying nail polish. I don't know about you, but I'm not the best person when it comes to painting my own nails. No matter how careful or slow I go, I still manage to mess up. What makes this so much better to use is that the pointed tip gives you the ability to get the nail polish off from places a normal q-tip or cotton swab cannot get. All you have to do is dip it in some nail polish remover or acetone, whichever you prefer, and run it over the nail polish that you want to get rid of. 

You can also use this to fix any make up mistakes you may make. Now I know one thing for a fact, getting your eyeliner to be perfect (and match) on both eyes is a very hard task. Especially if you're not a "pro" at applying your eyeliner. I'm not a pro either, I have been learning different techniques though,  and I still manage to make mistakes myself. Now what you can do is, if you haven't applied any foundation or such yet, just dip the q-tip in some make up remover, and wipe away. It's that simply. If you have put foundation and such on, you can use concealer instead. It also works when you want to clean up your lipstick too. A little make up remover or concealer can go a long when way making mistakes. 

This product is inexpensive and a beauty tool that all ladies should have. I promise you it will make applying make up and nail polish so much simpler. You will be able to fix any mistakes that you may have. I just have to say it again, please do not use this to clean your ears. That is not it's purpose. It was made for cosmetic purposes only. This is a tool that every lady should definitely invest in. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon. 

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