3 different ways to find out your skin undertone

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ever wonder why a certain color doesn't look right against your skin? Or why some make up doesn't flatter your skin as it should. It's because you may be choosing the wrong product for your skin tone. When dealing with skin tones; you're either warm, cool, or neutral. So of course warm toned people look better in yellow based colors while cool cool toned people look better in blue tones.

There's 3 ways to figure out your skin tone.

  • Using your veins

The best way to check your skin tone using your veins would be to check during the day using natural light. Preferably coming from an open window. Now what you want to do is put your hand into a fist and squeeze. What I do to make my veins "pop" more is just tap them with two fingers. This personally helps me to see them more. If your veins are more of a blue color, you are a cool tone. If your veins are more of a green color, then you are a warm tone. However, if your veins are like a combination of both green and blue veins, then lucky you, you are a neutral toned!

  • Gold/Silver 
It's also said that gold and silver can play in part with warm in cool. I used jewelry, but you can use gold and silver fabric to determine if you're warm or cool. I wore a piece of gold and silver jewelry on each wrist to find out which one makes your skin glow and light up. With your fabric, you should hold it up to your face to see how it works. Now if the gold makes your skin look more alive, you are warmed toned. If the silver makes your face fresher then you are cool toned. 

  • Genetics
Finally, your genetics can play a part in whether you are warm or cool toned. People with warm undertones usually have dark brown, hazel, green, or amber eyes. Their hair usually has golden tones to it. Meaning red, yellow, orange, and gold. People who are cool toned have eyes that are usually blue, blue green, turquoise, cool brown, you get the point. Their hair usually has blue, silver, and blue violet undertones to it. If you're having a hard time figuring out if you're warm or cool toned, you may be possibly neutral toned. 

Finding the right make up undertones for your skin tone can now be achieved. Foundation powders with a more yellow tone to it is great for warm toned people. Foundation powders with a more pink tone to it is great for cool toned people. For blushes, people with cool tones should use a pink or purple undertone, while people with warm tones should use a peachy or brown tone. People with neutral tones can use tones that are pinkish brown or peachy-violet.

I hope this help and if you have another way to find out your undertone, leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

Source: : Yahoo

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