Make your own lipstick out of eyeshadow

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Recently, Michelle Phan has put up a contest on her site. If you post a picture wearing orange lipstick to her site, you must be a member, you have the chance to win a Hello Kitty compact mirror signed by her! So I thought, why not try this contest out ya know? I didn't have any orange lipstick or lipgloss, so I decided to make my own.

To make it, this is what you need:
  • Vaseline, lip gloss, or chapstick
  • Eyeshadow color of your choice
I just used some of my EOS chapstick and an orange colored eyeshadow from my Coastal Scents 252 palette. I just scraped a little bit of chapstick and mixed it with some of the orange eyeshadow with a lip brush. I brushed this on my lips, then wet the lip brush and applied more shadow. It came out a little dark than the color, so then I used a shimmering orange shadow to brighten up the color more. This is what I came up with. 

I didn't want to make it more pigmented because it was my first time trying out orange lipstick and I didn't want it to be too crazy. It was pretty perfect and I really liked how it came out. My lips felt nice and conditioned and not dry at all. It look a little more matte and sheer than shiny and glossy if I were to use a lip gloss. Have you ever tried to make to your own lipstick out of eyeshadow?

If you want to keep more of the color you made, just get a small container to put it in. Simply mix a little bit of chapstick, gloss, whatever and some eyeshadow. The more eyeshadow you use, the more pigmented it will be. Try not to use too much chapstick or gloss though! Did you know you can also use eyeshadow to make your own nail polish? Leave a comment down below if you would like me to make another post on that! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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