Beauty Tool of the Week

Monday, July 1, 2013

Maybe every Monday or so, I will be making a post about my favorite beauty tool of the week. From the previous week of course. What I'm currently obsessing over are these pointed q-tips.

These are a very inexpensive that I got from Walmart. I saw Michelle Phan make a post or something about these a while back, and haven't gotten a chance to actually get some of my own. So then, I was at Walmart one day, just browsing around for nail polish and I stubbled upon them. It just hit me, like wow, I wasn't even looking for these but I found it. Of course I had to get them for myself.

The difference between these q-tips and normal q-tips are that they are pointed as you can see. They are NOT to be used for your ears. These are specially made to fix mistakes when applying your nail polish or when doing your makeup. They are for cosmetic purposes only! Please, do not try to use these to clean your ears. 

What I love about these special q-tips are that they are perfect for when you make a mistake when applying nail polish. I don't know about you, but I'm not the best person when it comes to painting my own nails. No matter how careful or slow I go, I still manage to mess up. What makes this so much better to use is that the pointed tip gives you the ability to get the nail polish off from places a normal q-tip or cotton swab cannot get. All you have to do is dip it in some nail polish remover or acetone, whichever you prefer, and run it over the nail polish that you want to get rid of. 

You can also use this to fix any make up mistakes you may make. Now I know one thing for a fact, getting your eyeliner to be perfect (and match) on both eyes is a very hard task. Especially if you're not a "pro" at applying your eyeliner. I'm not a pro either, I have been learning different techniques though,  and I still manage to make mistakes myself. Now what you can do is, if you haven't applied any foundation or such yet, just dip the q-tip in some make up remover, and wipe away. It's that simply. If you have put foundation and such on, you can use concealer instead. It also works when you want to clean up your lipstick too. A little make up remover or concealer can go a long when way making mistakes. 

This product is inexpensive and a beauty tool that all ladies should have. I promise you it will make applying make up and nail polish so much simpler. You will be able to fix any mistakes that you may have. I just have to say it again, please do not use this to clean your ears. That is not it's purpose. It was made for cosmetic purposes only. This is a tool that every lady should definitely invest in. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon. 

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