Em Cosmetics: Scribble liquid liner Review

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hey Everyone,

If you know me and I mean really know me, you will know that I love a killer wing. What better tool to do an awesome wing with than liquid liner! I was so excited for Em Cosmetics liquid liners because they finish matte and are super long lasting. I enjoy gel liners as well, but there's nothing like that perfect liquid liner. When Em Cosmetics launched their liner, I just had to get 3. The 3 most basic eyeliner colors that I know I will probably use on almost a daily basis, are black, brown, and white to be adventurous!

The three colors that I got from Em Cosmetics are Tattoo Black, Black Coffee, and Snow. Black eyeliner is definitely my signature look, so I had to use that one first of course. The only one that I haven't fully gone out and wore yet, was Snow. That's only because it's a little difficult to plan a casual eye look with white liner. What kind of look do you think you could do with white liner? Leave a comment down below letting me know.

Lets get started with the review. I'm going to review the product in 4 different categories. Longevity, Quality, Texture, and Opaqueness.

  • Longevity- When I say this eyeliner can last long hours, I'm talking 8 in the morning until 5 at night. Once the eyeliner is on and set, it isn't budging anywhere. Unless you have Mulan's makeup remover. I can even fall asleep with the liner on and at least half of it will still be on. It's really great if you want an eyeliner that you don't have to worry about fixing every now and then. 

  • Texture- The texture of this liner is just like any liquid liner. Smooth to glide on and of course wet. It's a liquid and feels exactly like a liquid liner except I feel it's a lot softer than most eyeliners. Liquid eyeliners tend to irritate my skin, I have sensitive skin, and this liner doesn't really irritate it at all. Since it also dries Matte, you can use the Black Coffee liner if you want a softer line and not so heavy as with black. However, Tattoo Black dries matte as well and it does bring a softer look to it than other black liners which I love. I can still wear my classic wing and not have to worry about it looking too dramatic. The matte just makes it look all that better. 

  • Opaqueness- Being that this product is a liquid liner, you better hope that the color comes out well. It does, don't be scared. The color is very vivid. Even Snow comes out pretty well on a medium to deep skin tone like myself. With Black Coffee, it's very easy to mistake it for an off black. It does tend to look more on the black side than it does the coffee. Still, it's very good to use for a soft makeup look. Sometimes it looks as if you have to double it up, however, that's only because it doesn't look as bold when it dries and you might get confused. Other than that, the color quality is just great. 

  • Quality- The overall quality of Em scribble liquid liner is amazing. It's a smooth application, can be forgiven if you fix it right away as well. It's not too harsh, so you can always rock a wicked wing without being too dramatic in the day time. You can use other colors such as Snow to make a more whimsical look too. To me liquid liner is more for the advance with a steady hand, but with practice, anyone can master liquid liner. 
Overall, I give Em Cosmetics: Scribble liquid liner at perfect 5 out of 5 starts! 

Have you ever tried this liquid liner? How do you feel about it? Leave a comment below letting me know what you think about it. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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