Cult Classic Foundation

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cult Classics... Something pretty much everyone loves. For me, finding the right foundation shade and formula is a big deal. & if I find something I really like, it's going to be one of my favorites instantly. That foundation in Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation

I remember it like it was yesterday... Generation Beauty 2015 in New York. I was able to get a full bottle of this foundation that I got matched with by a professional makeup artist. When I tell you I loved this foundation, I loved it. 

At the time I didn't have the money to buy this product again but when I did, I remembered why I fell in love with it so much. 

Available in 40 shades, this is natural finished and medium coverage foundation that you can build up to your liking. It feels completely light and thin while giving you a flawless finish. I'm in the shade Y455 - Praline. It blends in with my skin tone so well and the formula isn't too thick or liquidy. 

Developed for all skin tones, this foundation was initially developed for TV shows and Movies. It's going to create a natural and flawless finish to the skin while being almost unrecognizable. I like to use this foundation when I want a less glam look but I still want my foundation to sit pretty and last long. 

Now I'm going to show you some camera and iPhone shots of this foundation. 

2015 - iPhone

2017 - Camera

I just think this foundation and shade is perfect for me. Especially when transitioning from the summer months to the winter months. I can still use the foundation and not look crazy... You know what I mean ;) Have you tried this foundation before? Let me know if you think it's a cult classic and what shade you wear! 

Holographic Highlighter

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

When it comes to makeup the more unconventional, the more I'm going to love it. My favorite holographic highlight is Milk Makeup Supernova. A showstopper highlight to make anyone stare just to see.

This is a lavender holographic stick highlight with a creamy consistency that easily blends. The iridescence of the highlight leaves a soft sheer shine that you can build up and apply anywhere you want. It has coconut oil, mango butter, and avocado oil to give you a dewy look. 

Milk Makeup Supernova - $28

It's also vegan and compliments any skin tone. For a great price, you're getting a lot of product that can last you a while without you using too much. Especially if you don't use it that often as well. The twist on cap helps to keep the stick from drying out. 

I personally like to apply it with a concealer brush and blend it out with my fingers. It leaves the most beautiful glow and is great for tan skin. You can apply it straight to the skin or on top of makeup! 

As you can see from the picture above, it's very pigmented with a beautiful lavender glow. Something you can wear to spice up a look or to give you a fairy like glow. This is has been one of my go-tos when I want a creamy highlight that I can build up and achieve a soft but out of this world look. 

Now I'm going to show you some makeup looks where I used this product. 



Have you tried any Milk Makeup products before? Let me know in the comments down below and show me your pictures!

Foundation Obsession

Monday, November 13, 2017

We all have that one foundation, you know that one you always reach to whenever you do your makeup. Even if you use other brands, this is that special foundation you see yourself constantly using. For me that's KVD Beauty's Lock It  Foundation.

One thing I love about KVD is their packaging! It's so amazing and will always provide you with great quality and exceptional detail. Not only that, but the overall quality of her products are even better. The sleek design of the bottle was also created to help prevent contamination by having an airless chamber to keep the foundation creamy and perfect for each use. 

Lock It Foundation - $35

This is a matte, full coverage foundation developed for all skin types. And when I say this bad boy is matte... it's matte. Designed with a new look, it comes in 30 different shades and has a 24 hour wear. The longevity of this foundation is unbelievable. And it won't look cakey and hardly cracks.

It's a creamy formula that is thick and a little goes a long way. You can use one pump to cover your face or use two to fully cover everything. Believe me when I say you won't need to put concealer on with this foundation, especially if you like a more natural face. And when I say "natural", I mean a not overly done up face. All you need to do is add a little extra under your eyes and BOOM!

You can also purchase KVD Lock It Hydrating primer that will also help with the wear of the foundation. You can also mix it with the foundation to create a dewy and medium coverage formula. The more primer you add, the more sheer and glowing the product is going to look. 

Now I'm going to show you some of the pictures I have with 3 different foundation shades. 

Medium Warm 62

Medium Warm 65

Deep 66

As you can tell my tan fluctuates quite often and I can work with either doing one of the foundations alone or I can mix the foundations to get my perfect shade. Have you tried KVD Beauty Lock It foundation? Let me to know in the comments below and share your pictures!

Shimmering Skin Perfector

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

We all have that holy grail product we come across every now and then. I'm super late to the game, but Becca Cosmetics Cream Champagne Pop is my new favorite everyday highlighter.

A soft white gold with pinky/peach undertones, this is the best and natural looking highlight for everyday use. I love my highlight so much and gold colors tend to compliment my skin very well. This has been a big talked about highlight for a while. I was happy when I got it at Sephora on sale and was shocked at the creamy but pigmented intensity is has. I tend to stay away from white based highlights because it can make tanner skin look ashy, but let me tell you. I haven't touched another highlight since I got this one. 

Becca Champagne Pop - $38

The pink and peach undertones definitely give this highlight a great combo of a white based with a colored undertone that can pretty much compliment any skin tone. It gives you a delicate smooth and sophisticated glow that I promise you will get complimented on every time you use it. 

The compact is small enough to carry with you on the daily, if you ever wanted to add more or do a touch a touch up. The softness of the cream highlight gives you a radiant yet natural glow to the skin. Easy to blend and easy to use, Champagne Pop is now my go to highlight. It's also good for dry and mature skin as the low maintenance of the product is easy enough for anyone to use, even a makeup beginner. 

As you can see from the swatch above, the highlight isn't overbearing to the eye and it easily blendable. The formula is so creamy that I was almost shocked at how it applied. I would use a flat foundation brush or maybe even a concealer brush to apply the product and blend it out with my fingers. 

I'm going to show you what Champagne Pop looks on my skin tone with a few different looks. 

As you can see above, the cream highlight gives a nice soft glow to the skin. Nothing too overpowering and you can always add more or less for your personal preference. 

In this picture, you can see the reflect of the glow on my nose. This highlight is perfect for creating your full glam makeup looks as it will bring an added smooth yet bright glow to the skin. Great for that added pop of glow. 

I'm always hesitant when purchasing a makeup product that is "hyped" up, but I'm so glad that I got and fell in love with this highlight! It's literally one of the best cream highlights I ever used that I can't seem to get away from. Do you have Champagne Pop? Leave a comment down of your pictures so I can see your beautiful glow! 

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