"Classic Beauty" Ipsy's September 2013 Glam Bag

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey ladies,

I know, it's October and I'm just now doing my blog post on last month's Ipsy glam bag. I've been busy with school and such, please bare with me. So the theme of this month was Classic Beauty. It feature products from companies such as Cailyn Cosmetics, Chella, Freeman Beauty, Elizabeth Mott, Jesse's Girl, J. Cat Beauty, Full Repair, NYX, Pop Beauty, Skyn Iceland, StarLooks, Victoria Jackson and Butter London. There was 14 different products that were given out this month. Here's what the bag looked like.

I guess this bag matches with the theme somewhat. I got products this month from Freeman Beauty, Elizabeth Mott, NYX, StarLooks, and J. Cat Beauty. I've had products from all but Elizabeth Mott before so I was pretty comfortable about the other products for the most part. 


The first product I got was this lipstick in the color Honeycrisp from J. Cat Beauty. I actually broke it as  I was applying it. Heavy hand or poor quality? Nonetheless, I continued to try it out. The color alone just looks horrible with my skin tone. Maybe if I play around with more lip liner colors and such I can figure something out. Texture, I guess it was sort of smooth. I was completely distracted by the color to even pay attention.

Next were these Freeman Beauty masks that came in in purifying, brightening, and hydrating. I tried both the brightening (rose pink) and the hydrating (blue). Both did its job, however putting them on was a hard task. The actual facial paper stuck together and it was very hard to unfold. The cut out for the eyes weren't big enough for me and it felt uncomfortable having them on. Other than that, they did what they were supposed to! With beauty comes pain right?

I got this black kohl pencil eyeliner from StarLooks in the color Obsidian. It's very creamy and glides pretty smoothly. The only thing that I didn't like was how it didn't last all too long. In a few hours, it looked smudged and faded away. Maybe if I put a liquid liner on top of it, it will last longer. Any tips for making pencil liners last longer? For the waterline, I'm not sure how long it will last only because I dislike putting black eyeliner on my waterline. 

Next was this It's so BIG mascara from Elizabeth Mott. It's intentions are to be a volumizing mascara. The mascara has an hourglass shape that's primarily intended to give volume and length to your lashes. For the volume, yes, It did pretty much give me some more volume. As for length, not so much. Maybe because I was comparing it to my They're Real! mascara from Benefit. It also smudged some on my lips before it got to fully dry. Boo! Say no to smudging mascara. It lasts pretty long though and doesn't make my eyelashes feel heavy either. 

Last but not least, I got the NYX eyeshadow in Cryptonite. It is very pigmented and creamy. Plus it's also very blendable. I used it for a soft smokey eye that wasn't too dark or harsh. It was perfect!

This month was a hit and miss for me. I'm grateful for all the products and I will be working on new ways to try and enhance the products to put them to better use. Sneak peaks of October are being posted and it seems like as each month passes, more products are available to get. It really creates a variety and the teasers are so fun! Next month, I'll definitely post a review faster than I did for this month. Are you an Ipsy subscriber? Until next time, see you soon!

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