Letting go of bad friends

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey rose petals!,

Today's post isn't going to be on the beauty side of things. It's going to be on how to let go of bad friends who are bringing you down. Everyone has that 1 friend that just isn't beneficial to your life, but you keep them around for the sake of the friendship. Not all friendships need to be close and not all friendships are a healthy. Your friends should be there to support you and let you know when you're going down a wrong direction. No one should have a friend who only encourages them to do bad things and brings them down with their negativity.

How to know when your friend is a bad friend

  1. They encourage your bad behavior. Friends should be keep you on the right path. Not bring you down. Any friend that pressures you to do bad things or lets you do them knowing it's wrong, is not a friend.
  2. They are never there for you. If you're always the shoulder your friend cries on, but it's not the same the other way around, let them go. They only want you to be available to them and they don't care to be available to you. 
  3. They always borrow money and NEVER pay it back. A true friend wouldn't disrespect you by not paying you back any money you lent them. You were nice enough to lend them the money, they should be nice enough to give it back. 
  4. You make excuses for them. If you constantly have to justify why they reacted a certain way or did something and blame yourself, let them go. When your other friends are pointing out the bad that your other friend is doing, take the advice. 
  5. You constantly fight. We all have that one friend that we generally get into fights with. But if after every fight she's calling you all sorts of names and telling your secrets, she's not a friend. 
  6. They're not supportive. If you're always going to your friends games and he/she never shows up to yours, they may not be a good friend. Friends support you with all you're doing. 
Those are some of the main reasons why I'm not friends with certain women and men anymore. You just have to realize that even though you may like them as a person, they aren't necessarily a good friend. In order to have a positive life, you must have positive people in it. People who are negative and just bring you down, you shouldn't surround yourself with. What other ways do you identify a bad friend? Leave a comment down below!

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