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Saturday, June 4, 2016

 Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. On today's post, I'll be showing you some makeup tricks to transition from Spring to Summer. With Summer coming soon, you want to change some of your makeup uses to better combat the summer weather while stil looking amazing! So keep on reading to find out more.

When updating your makeup routine throughout the seasons, you want to make sure that you can still work with the products you already have. That way you don't have to constantly buy new things to adhere to different routines. You can get a collection of items that also be easily transitioned from one season to next. It's amazing what you can do to make sure your beauty routine stays in tack and you're still using products that you love! 

To start off on your face, you want to use a BB, CC cream, or a tinted moisturizer to keep your face nice throughout the day, with SPF, while still providing coverage to your face. For this I recommend using EM Cosmetics CC cream (no longer available) or Mark Get a Tint, tinted moisturizer. For concealer, if you want to use it, I suggest choosing a shade that really matches your foundation, so you're not really highlighting. I like using Mac's concealer in NC45. For that extra glow, try using Manna sheer glo to give your skin a dewy and illuminating finish. 

For the summer, I love using creams on my face. The creams really help to blend into the skin without giving you an overly powdered face in the summer that you can possibly sweat off. There are many different options when it comes to using cream anything, so I'm going to share with you some of my favorites. I love using Em Cosmetics Love me for Me powder to set my face all over. If you watch my YouTube videos, you would see that I really love this powder and it's one of my staple items to use. For highlighting, because it's obv a must, I love reaching for ModelCo's highlighting trio. With three different shades, this is just the perfect thing to grab for when highlighting in the summer. Of course for blush, you want to use a cream blush too, a powder would be good if you're feeling it. However, I love using Nars cream blush in Constantinople. It's so cream and nice to blend with, but you have to work fast. 

I love contouring. who doesn't love contouring. But lets stick to more of a bronzed skin than heavy duty contouring. That look is always nice, but it's alwayas good to switch it up a bit and not focus too much on contouring. Yet, lets focus on warmng up our skin to really bring out the goddess in us. For this, I love using Too Face sun bunny  bronzer. Any bronzer will do but I love this because it also comes with a highlight that you can use as well. It's the perfect go to for the summer. 

I love a good cat eye and who doesn't love black liner, but lets take a break for a bit and use some brown liner. I love how brown eyeliner can still give you the eye popping look but still but subtle enough for you to rock during the day, and you can spice it up at night. I love how versatile it is just like black eyeliner and you can make it work with pretty much any look to give a cool affect. For liner, even winged, try Colour Pop's gel liner in overboard. For a pencil I suggest trying Mr. Write Now eyeliner in Bill. And for your waterline, try NYX Wonder pencil

And of course, there's nothing like a nice pink lipstick to capture any look. I love a nice pink link because it's a soft way of adding color to your face without it having to be too much and you can also focus more on the eyes. For this, I'm loving Em Cosmetics lipstick in Nine to Five. For a sheer kind of lip that still has color and is extra moisturizing, use Dirty Little Secrets lipstick in Guilty Pleasure

These are some my summer must haves and ways that you can transition your makeup from 
Spring to Summer. What product was your favorite? Leave a comment down below and let me know what your summer must haves are. I'll see you soon! 

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