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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In today's post I'm going to be sharing you my thoughts on some products that have some sort of Rose infused ingredients in them.

There are many added benefits to using rose oil or rose water. With lots of new skin care products coming out with lines that specifically are infused with roses. Rose hip oil is said to help your skin with sun damage. It can also help to tone and brighten your skin. Containing Vitamin C and essential fatty acids that help replenish your damaged skin. Rose water helps to control the natural oils on your face and body. It can also help with your skins natural pH balance as well. Rose hip oil is good for people who have redness or inflammed skin, as it helps to sooth the skin to. There are lots of benefits to using both rose hip oil and rose water, so I'm going to share with you some of my favorite products. 

  1. Nourish Organic Face lotion with Argan and Rose water - This light weight lotion has a soft scent of rose water, nothing too overpowering because it can tend to be overwhelming. This product is said to soften your skin while replenishing it. It is also said to restore the elasticity of your skin while evening the tone and texture. Wow! What a lot of great benefits in one product. When I was on my old skin care routine, I loved to use this lotion to make me feel extra good after a shower. I would put this on face and it was nice enough for my sensitive skin but it did feel a little more stickier than other moisturizers. 
  2. Nourish Organic Face toner with Rose water and Witch Hazel - I don't know about you, but my grandma swears by witch hazel. She's been using it for decades and she's 74, but looks like she can be in her 60s. Her skin looks so well for her age, so I was excited to try this toner that had both witch hazel and rose water inside of it. This toner is made so that it doesn't strip the natural moisture from your face, yet it's adding to it unlike some other toners I've tried. Other toners would leave my face with more of a firm feeling, so I would have to follow up with serum and moisturizer because my skin wouldn't feel right. But I love how my skin feels when I use this toner. It's great and gentle enough for my skin while giving it a nice refreshing feelig. 
  3. Nourish Organic Rose hip and Rose water body oil mist - Are you getting the theme here? Nourish Organic has a lot of rose hip oil and rose water based products. Along with other ones as well. But back to this mist. Oh boy don't I feel like a Greek goddess when I used this baby up. The bottle is mearly for show, as I barely have anything left over after using this. On days when I really want to feel good about myself, I would use this right after the shower. My body and skin felt so good when I had this on even though my skin didn't absorb it that well. It did take a while for everything to fully soak in but boy did I feel like a queen using a secret product no one else has. If you treasure your body, you'll try this one out at least one time. Pretty please?
  4. Pixi Rose Oil blend - And if you really want to splurge, you'll get this Pixi Beauty rose oil blend. Yes it's the gifts of the gods and when I got the last one at my local Target, I knew it was fate. This precious beauty just had to come home with me. A little thicker than say coconut oil, I love to use this when my face is feeling a little bit more dry. This has a combination of different oils to help keep your face looking young, give you that glow, and to improve the elasticity of your skin. I also like to use this with some of my cream contour as they can be on the drier side. But be warned. A small drop really goes a long way. 
  5. Nourish Organic Argan face serum with Apricot and Rose hip oil - Boy oh boy do I love this serum. This serum is a little on the thinner side, so I would suggest using a cotton ball or pad when you apply it. It will be runny if you do with your hands, so you've been warned. I love how much this hydrates my face and gives me the best feeling ever. I really love everything about this serum and it's perfect for fighting the dry air in the winter. 

Have you ever tried some rose infused products? Leave a comment down below letting me know and I'll see you soon! 

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