3 Impressive brushes from Bdellium Tools

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hey everyone,

Today I'm going to share with you three brushes from Bdellium Tools that I was really impressed with.

To start off, I'm going to give you my overall impression of the brushes. The brushes that I'm going to go over will be the:

  • 708 Bent Liner
  • 788 Blending/Concealing
  • 944 Tapered Contouring
First off, I really loved these brushes and they have become some of my staple brushes when it comes to doing my makeup. Of course when they are clean to use. However, they are becoming some of my favorites to use. Especially the tapered contouring. I can say however, that I did get a bit of shedding with the 788 and 944 brushes. When I first started using. I'll get more in depth on each brush. Again, I love the color and the feel of the handle in my hand. It is good for my small hands and easy to grip well or soft. 

If you don't already know: My name is Leann, and I'm an eyeliner addict. Yes. I love my eyeliner. Very much so. Eyeliner was the FIRST makeup product I really got to wear and experiment with. I've grown to love it over the years and I don't know where I'd be without it. So I was very excited that Bdellium Tools sent over one of these brushes for me to try. I've always been hesistant to try. Because I'm a little intimidated about the bent part of the brush. The last bent liner I tried was from Lancome and I didn't like it too much. It was nice and all but the tip was too loose and not well for me to control (being a beginner). Now that I'm an eyeliner masteer ;).. I had a little more confident when handling this brush. To start off I absolutely love the shape of the actual bristles. It points! It points! It points! Oh what a joy you can ask for when you're getting a brush like this because it is defintely different than doing your eyeliner with an angled brush. For me, this was personally one of my favs because the pointed end was defined enough for me to get a great tip on my eyeliner without having to clean up much. Ah I know the pain having to touch up your liner, but this glory brush saved that. I'm still debatable on the bent part of it. The thing that I didn't like about the brush was that although it was defined and pointy, it wasn'tthat this. So you aren't able to manuever the brush on all sides if you catch my drift. It's good for detailed and thin wings, but for someone who loves thick liner, I had struggled a bit with it. 

Okay.. Okay. Do you want to pros or the cons first? Since I went the other way before, I'm going to start with the cons. This poor baby shed on me like a dog. At first when I just got it and I was feeling the bristles and the shapes, I noticed that a few hairs were coming out and a bit out of place. No big deal though. I was still going to try this bad boy. I loved the shaped and the design of this brush. Manly because it's like a mini angled contour brush for your eyes. When I first used it, it did shed on me a bit when using it and when I first got it. But it's held up pretty good since. I also didn't like how I was able to shape it back that well after washing, but it still came out pretty fine after drying up. Oh oh. But don't get me wrong, I love this brush. What I think is great about this brush, is that I like using it two different ways. The first way is to get the higher more dense part of the brush to apply my transition shades. That way the color comes out more defined and you can easily blend it out without it being too washed out. If that's okay with you. I prefer it since my transition shades tend to be on the warmer and neutral side. Then I like flipping the brush to it's original position, so that you're getting the soft bristles to seemsly blend everything out. It's a brush I love to go for when I want to pack my transition shade on and get a nice background. 

Oh mother of contouring, was I looking for a brush like this. Having an oval shaped head, but with smaller sized cheeks, it's hard to find a brush that properly defines my face without being too much and taking up the whole side of my face. Not to mention I like to have a more natural contour and nothing too heavy, so this is the perfect brush. I can easily get the hollows of my cheeks and if I want, I can build up the intensity in multiple swipes or just one. It's also great for seemsly blending out the edges so that aren't too heavy as well. It picks up product very well and applies well too. I did have a little shedding with this brush but not as much as the other brush. 

What do you think about these brushes? Which ones would you try? Leave me a comment below and make sure to check out all of Bdelliumtools social media! 

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