Kiss InstaWave Review

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have for you a review on the Kiss InstaWave. This is a curling tool that curls your hair for you. This product is available at Ulta and Target and costs $59.99.

The system is a tool that curls your hair for you. When testing what actually "turns" on the products for your hair to curl, I noticed that the barrel doesn't move at all. It is the short little pieces surrounding the barrel that actually moves. As you can see from the picture, there are main ones surrounding the barrel, and then there is one that you actually put your hair under so that it will curl.

As you can see in the picture, you want to get the section of hair behind that. I also found that if you get your hair behind this one AND two of the main short pieces, you have a better chance of having a good curl. There are two temperatures, high and low. You also have a button to put to curl your hair to either side, it doesn't matter as long as your hair is behind the middle piece. It includes ceramic ion technology and it automatically shuts off after 30 min. 

This is what my hair looked liked when I was actually able to get the tool to curl my hair around the barrel. It looks messy and it will look messy when you're curly it. There is no pretty way for this to work lol. Don't be alarmed though because the tool is working fine just as long as you don't feel it pulling on your hair. If you do feel it pulling on your hair, just STOP, and press the opposite button that you used, while pulling down. Trust me, just stay calm and it will easily let go if it does happen to get stuck. Also, you can tell when your hair is actually wrapping around the tool or just spinning along the edge. 

First thing that I want to mention when talking about this product, is that I do have very thick and coarse hair. I tried this out when I freshly straightened my hair and even trying to do this is 3 sections, was still hard. I find that the best way to get a nice curl from this, is using the product on a tilt or on the side and holding for as long as your hair requires. Since my hair is very thick, I held mine for a little over 10 seconds. It sounds crazy, but yes. Even in small sections, I have to keep heat on my hair a little longer to get a curl. Also, the type of curl you want will depend on how long you keep your hair in the barrel. Longer time for tighter curls and less time for loose curls. 

Overall, I think that this is a great product. The idea is so innovated and I think is a great tool for someone who needs helps curling their hair, like I do. This is a product that you definitely want to make sure you take some time out to practice. When you first try it out, everything is a hit or miss and it's hard to duplicate the same technique you've done if you're still testing it ya know? I think that this product is definitely worth trying out and once you master it for your hair type, you will have no problems. This is a great piece to add in your collection especially if you're not good with traditional curling wands. Would you try this? If you have anymore questions regarding this product, feel free to comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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