Fresh Start - Ipsy's January 2015 Glam Bag Review

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have for you a review on Ipsy's January 2015 glam bag. It's been a while since I've done one of these reviews and my goal it to make it throughout the whole year, doing a review for each month. I think I can do it and if you guys like this kind of post, I'll continue to do it.

This month, Ipsy had offers from a whole bunch of different companies. Here's a list of all the companies for this month. Hikari Cosmetics, La Fresh Eco Beauty, Malin and Goetz, Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Pacifica, J. Cat Beauty, Astrida Naturals, Nourish Organic, Velvet 59, BellaPiere, Jouer, Probelle, Coastal Scents, Elizabeth Mott, Juice Beauty, Real Techniques, Laura Mercier, Swissco, Hey Honey, Lash Food, and Teadora. Wow! That's a lot of different companies right? That's the beauty with Ipsy. There's so many companies that your personal quiz really adheres to what you like. If you don't like a product that you get in your bag, you can give it a bad review so that you don't get that product again or anything like it. Now lets talk about what I got in my glam bag. 

left -manna kadar sheer glow  middle - pacifica eyeshadow in treasure, right - hikari eyeliner in storm 

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo 

What I love about this glow, is that a little goes a long way. I tried it out with my foundation just to see how it would look. I'm personally not a fan of overly dewy or shining skin but I had to try this out. I mixed a little more than a pea sized amount with my foundation, and to my surprise, it actually did give my face a healthy glow. I was scared that the pink and shimmer would be too overpowering but it worked out very well. My face has that "dewy" look to it without looking crazy ya know? Who wants to look like they've been sweating all day. This is very lovely and I can see using it as a highlight on its own. It mixed very well with my Em Cosmetics foundation.

Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eyeshadow in Treasure 

What I love about this eyeshadow, is how smooth and soft it is. It also blends very nice and you can either put a little on for a subtle glow, or you can pack on a lot of the color. On my skin tone, it looks gold. Especially with a primer on first. the shadow stuck and it looks very iridescent. I love this color and this eyeshadow is perfect for me for when I just want to add a little something to my lids. It can either be soft or you can make it pop out. It's totally up to you.

Hikari mechanical eyeliner in Storm 

I have a love and hate relationship with this product. Maybe it was my skin tone or the fact that I put a primer on before I tried to use the eyeliner but it really is just a slate grey color. It showed up marvelous when I was swatching and I didn't have primer on. However, when I did have the primer on and tried to use it on my eyes, I felt like I couldn't get the full intensity of the color. It just came out really like and I blended the pacifica eyeshadow with it to brighten it up. The formula and mechanical part of it is nice, but this just wasn't the color me. I like my eyeliner black, very black and the grey just wasn't a good look for me.

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm 

This was probably one of my favorite products in this month's bag. Not only is this a lip balm, but it's in gel form which work really, really well. It instantly nourishes my lips and makes them feel good. I didn't have to worry about it being too heavy or it drying up my lips afterwards like other lip balms. This one actually made and kept my lips very soft to the touch. Not only that, but it gives you this great shine that isn't too harsh like plain lipgloss. It also doesn't feel sticky on your lips, but very very smooth. The scent is mojito which is lovely and this is a product I definitely would purchase myself.

La Fresh EcoBeauty Moisturizer 

This was by far my favorite moisturizer that I have ever used. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way with this product. You honestly don't need more than a pea sized amount for your whole face. It made my face feel so much more smoother and I've been having dry spots lately and this moisturizer took care of it. It felt like a creamy, white moisturizer that my skin just soaked up. I even put some on my neck too, because I had extra and it was great. It absorbed in my skin well and left it feeling super soft. I'd love to try out more of their products after using this one.

That was my review of Ipsy this month! How did you guys like it? I'll keep doing posts like this if this is what you're into. I love sharing what I got from Ipsy every month. I've been a loyal subscriber since they first started and they have introduced me to so many brands and products that I didn't know that I needed. I even started to have more of a makeup collection because of Ipsy. If you would like to check out Ipsy, please click here . From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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