Dia De Los Muertos

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Themed lipstick collections are always my favorite. From the packaging to the colors and of course the product names. I'm a sucker for a good lipstick collection and LA Splash is always coming through with awesome collections, and continously adding more. My current favorite is their 2016 Dia De Los Muertos liquid lipsticks.

Featuring six different metallic colors, this collection has by far been one of my favorite from LA Splash. I was able to get these four colors from Dollskill, on sale, and I'm dying to complete the collection. Although you can find the full collection on LA Splash Canada site.

The 6 different colors are Frida, La Bella Muerte, Milagros, El Catrin, El Beso, and Los Novios. All different unique mettalic shades with a beautiful design, different for each color. 

I'm obsessed with packaging details. I will buy a product if the packaging is nice enough and I couldn't get this collection when it first came out, but when I saw it on another site, I had to get my hands on it. The four colors that I got were El Catrin, Frida, La Bella Muerte, and Milagros. 

These colors apply like a smooth liquid lipstick and dry to a nice demi matte while also providing a beautiful metallic look. Be cautious though, a little goes a long way and the more you apply, the dryer it will feel. My suggestion is to apply a thin enough layer and let the lipstick dry fully. Don't rub your lips together when you're letting it dry as you can make the lipstick feel dry when it actually feels good on the lips. It's super long lasting, so touch up are only needed after a solid few hours.. granted you eat and drink. 

Frida, El Catrin, La Bella Muerte, Milagros

Here are my true to color swatches with each liquid lipstick fully dried from top to bottom.. It's hard to capture the essence of the metallic from pictures, but in person they are so beautiful. 

The intensity of the pigmentation is mind blowing and you really don't need a lot of product to get the true color to show. La Bella Muerte is definitely that color that makes you stand out and it's not one of your typical "every day" color, but it's amazing nonetheless. 

Frida is a metallic coral shade with orange hues that is the perfect everyday red lipstick with a pop of glam. One of my go to colors that I tend to get a lot of compliments on and the metallic show of the color is really a show stopper. 

El Catrin is a deeper red shade that is has a crimson hue to it. A darker shade of red to add extra boldness and a sexy addition to a full on glam look. 

For the unconventional makeup lover, La Bella Muerte is the perfect shade to turn heads and give you an out of this world lip color. It has a mettalic brown hue with grey undertones that gives you a different kind of lipstick shade. A staple piece for one who goes out the norm when it comes to lipstick shades. 

Milagros is a taupe-y nude color that intensifies your regular nude color. Perfect for the person who wants a metallic lip that is nude and you can wear with any look you pair it with. Although it is different than your normal nude color, this will make you feel even great about wearing nude colors. 

This is a great collection and I can't wait to see what other collections they come out with. Right now they have their Classic Horror collection out that looks so bomb. I've always wanted to try their liquid lipsticks and I'm honestly in love with them. Have you ever tried LA Splash liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments down below! 

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