Soft Bronzer for Tan Skin

Monday, July 11, 2016

I know how hard it is to find a bronzer that isn't too orange, or one that isn't too harsh for your skin. It can be kind of hard for us tanned and medium deep tone ladies. But to no avail, I found a bronzer that gives the most soft but beautiful bronzer to skin. Something that isn't too heavy but can be layered up.

It's Laura Mercier's bronzing press powder in Sun Bronze. Retailing for $34, this product has .28oz of product. I got this as a gift from a friend, so I was very grateful to have received this product. This is described as a warm golden radiance. It's also meant to give you a nice healthy and sunny glow. 

At first, I wasn't sure how I really felt about this bronzer. I thought it didn't add anything to my skin and that was before I had a ring light. It became one of those products that I just had sitting in my makeup collection with countless others. I didn't really realize that it was a Laura Merceir makeup product either. I was just beginning to use more lavish and high end makeup brands, so I wasn't very knowledgeable. But oh when I found out what this bad boy really was, I put it to use. I grabbed a nice high end makeup brush to apply it, and boy was I in love. 

The silky feeling of gliding on my skin made fall in love. And how the shimmer just softly made my tan skin glow without being heavy. Making it look like I was glowing from within. It gave me a soft enough to color to give off a nice contour but nothing heavy like a runway or full glam look. Softly contour my cheeks, while giving me a great glow. I really love this bronzer. Again, it's perfect for more medium to tan skin tones, as on me, it gives just enough color. But anything a little tanner, and you could probably use it as a highlight or a nice shadow. I think it compliments the skin well without giving any texture. The only thing is that it does has some fall out, but nothing your brush can't pick up. What other bronzer do you recommend? Leave a comment down below. 

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