Bdellium Tools Studio Eyes 12 Piece Set

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on Bdellium Tools brushes. I was able to get the 12 piece eye set through Ipsy a while back and after experimenting with it some time, I'm ready to share my thoughts and opinions with you all.

Studio Eyes 12 Piece Set

To start off I'm going to tell you what the set includes. With Bdellium tools, their brushes are defined by the number, so I will tell you all the numbers that come in this set and do my best to describe each brush.
  • 785 - Tapered Blending
  • 780 - Pencil
  • 778 - Large Shadow
  • 776 - Blending
  • 772 - Small Shader
  • 766 - Angled Shadow
  • 763 - Angled Brow
  • 760 - Liner/Brow
  • 755 - Smudge
  • 733 - Lash/Spoolie 
  • 714 - Flat Eye Definer 
  • 710 - Eyeliner 

Now lets talk about the overall quality of the brushes. I for one, love the handle of the brushes. The color is very nice and when I'm picking up my brushes, I know that I'm choosing Bdellium because of the bright yellow of the handle. It's unlike any of my other brushes, so I know thats what I'm reaching for when I go to the grab them. The handle is nice where it's not too thick but not too thin either, so it's perfect to fit in your hands and give you control. 

The overall bristles of the brushes, I'm absolutely in love with. I'm a firm believe that you can tell how well your brushes are, when you wash them. Even though I do use a glove to clean my brushes, I can still feel the quality and texture of the brushes while washing them. Even when putting a little or a lot of pressure, you can always tell the quality by how they wash. They dry so well and so fast, while still maintaining it's shape. Especially the fluffy brushes. Not only do the brushes pick up color well, but they also apply the color very well too. I find myself leaning more towards these brushes when I'm doing my makeup and I can easily use all 12 pieces throughout the week, even the spoolie. 

My ALL time favorite brushes from this collection have to be the 710, 714, 760, 763, 776, and 785. I think these brushes are the perfect one to use when creating that bomb eyeshadow look. You have the flat definer that you can use to clean up your brow, two different brow or liner brushes to choose from, and finally the blending brushes to complete the look. I love how the handle has the number of the brush on it too, so you can always look it up if you don't know how to use it more. 

Now the question is... are these brushes worth the price? They are currently selling for $56 WITH a roll up pouch. Now if you look up the prices of the brushes, they come to about $9 a piece. So you take $9-10 and then times that by 12 and you would be paying well over $100 if you were buying the brushes individually. I think this set is a STEAL. The quality of the brushes, that hardly shed at all. They clean so well and apply makeup well too. If you like to splurge on your brushes, this is the set for you!! You should always invest in certain things, and I think brushes are one of them. I highly recommend this brush set, ESPECIALLY if you're heavy into eye makeup. This is the perfect set to use. 

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