How to get THROUGH a breakup

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today's post is going to be a little different. I'm going to be telling you how to get THROUGH a breakup because everyone knows that truly getting OVER something takes a while depending on the person. So here, I'm going to show you MY ways that helped me get THROUGH my breakup.

  • Take Time To Yourself
This step shouldn't be explained, but depending on how your breakup went, you need to take time to yourself. If it was a bad breakup but you still find yourself wanting to talk to that person, then you probably need to take time to yourself to see if you actually miss that person or just miss having someone to speak to in general. Often times we tell ourselves that we can't do anything without said person, but when push comes to shove, we still manage to do things ourself! It's going to be so freeing to focus on yourself and only yourself. When you get the time to really think about yourself and your goals again, anything can happen.

  • Write out your feelings
I know, this sounds so cliche but it works. Get a journal or a notebook and take your time to write about how you feel about everything pertaining to the breakup. Often times there's a lot of questions that go unanswered and instead of trying to talk to the person about the issues you're having, write them out. Sometimes we can answer our own questions just be sitting down and really thinking. Maybe all the signs were there but you didn't see them yourself. This is the time to get all your feelings out about the person. Bad and good. Remember, you're writing to yourself so the only response your going to get is your own. Take this time to write about how you truly feel and the weight will be lifted off your chest. 

  • Spend time with your friends
This step might sound cliche as well, but you really want to get back out there with hanging out with friends. Especially if you're feeling in a place of doubt and alone. You can take this time to get back to your friendships if you have been neglectful to them during your breakup. Remember, it's okay to take time yourself, but you don't want your friends to feel like your leaving them in the dark. You don't have to get too into details of your breakup if you want to talk about it, but let them know that you're okay and make sure you can reach out to them if your feeling down. Most of the time, our friendships last longer than our relationships so you don't want to harm that relationship either. You're important, but so are your friends. 
  • Get back into hobbies
This is a step that will help you focus back on your future and your goals. Take this time to focus on what you really want to do. Were you writing a blog but gotten into a slump? Find some inspiration and jump back into it! It's crazy with the way positivity shines through the darkness. I know you're feeling down now, but getting back to what your passionate about is really going to help you. You never know, there can be opportunities out there that are just waiting for you! So go ahead and get back into what makes you truly happy. Don't let the failure of your relationship diminish what you're really passionate about as a person. Remember, you can control how you let someone make you feel. Instead of feeling down in the dumps, even though that's okay for a while, take this time to be positive and look at all the good in your life. 

  • Cry it out
This is the most important thing that helped me with after my breakup. I took the time to actual get my feelings together and cry out all the hurt and pain. Whatever you're feeling, cry it out. Even if you're happy. Cry out the fact that you either moved on from a harmful relationship or that you two ended on a good note even though your upset about it. Don't let anyone tell you that you should hold in your tears. One of the healthiest things to do is to acknowledge our feelings and let them out in a healthy way. Crying may not seem the best right now, but trust me. You don't want to harbor your feelings inside because then you're just going to explode one day and that's going to be a session you don't want. You want to be able to control how much you cry and for how long. So take some time to yourself in your room if you have the privacy or take a bubble bath and let your feelings out there.

  • Talk to said person when YOU'RE ready
If you want to keep a friendship with your ex, make sure it's when you're ready. Nothing is harder than trying to be friends you're still in love with. I know that it's going to take some time to get out of your in love feelings, but you really need to take time to yourself and get back to the friendship when you're ready to. If they are a good person overall, they will understand that you need the space. You don't have to quit talking to them cold turkey, but tone it down some. If you want to stop talking to them cold turkey, you can do that too, after you write out all your feelings. That way you don't get the urge to try and talk to them. You want to show yourself that you will be okay without that person and if you truly want a friendship. This period will help to let you know if you had a healthy or unhealthy relationship with that person and if a friendship is even worth it. Again, an understanding person will let you have the time to yourself. Someone who only cares about them self will be mad at the idea. Just as long as you remember, now is the time for YOU. Do what makes you happy and no one else. If it means not talking to that person again, then so be it. You have your whole life to meet someone great.  

Remember, it will be okay and you WILL get through it. It's okay to be sad for a while or even angry, but don't let that consume you. You want to find a healthy way to help you get THROUGH your breakup and not OVER it because again, it takes a while to truly get over your feelings. I'm still in the process of getting "over" my feelings for my ex, however I'm getting THROUGH it in a healthy way. I can't tell you how to get over your relationship but I can certainly give you tips to get through it. I hope you take this well and if there's anything you want to add, just message me! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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