Scent Bird: Perfume Subscription Box

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have for a you a review on ScentBird. If you don't know what ScentBird is, it's a company that focuses on perfume sample monthly subscriptions. Yes, that means that you get to try out new perfume, expensive ones too, for just $15 a month. They even have it that if you buy your monthly subscription in bulk, you can get a discount on each month.

Just like Ipsy, this subscription is based on your personal style. They ask you questions like what's your favorite scent and what scent/places do you linger to. This will help you when you decide which perfumes you get to try out. You can choose your perfumes for the upcoming months and that way, you can pick what perfume you get to try. Isn't that awesome?! 

The perfume that I really wanted to, and glad that I did, try out was Givenchy's Very Irresistible Electric Rose.  They give you your own travel bottle which I think is perfect. This is a sweet scent that smells just like a fresh bouquet of roses in the spring time in Paris. See what I did there? The scent is very electric and it's subtle enough where you can spray 2 sprays, and it won't be overbearing in smell. It's definitely not as strong as my Coco Chanel Perfume and if I need to, I can spray another pump without feeling that I'm completely masked in the scent. It's one of those luxury perfumes that you can take with you and just spray a quick pump when you want an extra boost with your smell. 

What I also love about this perfume subscription, is that you can win a free bottle of the perfume of the month! Isn't that awesome? You can win a FULL bottle of perfume just by taking a picture of your perfume and posting it on social media! This month's perfume is Anna Sui "La Vie De Boheme". This is a floral/fruity scent that has a woody background which makes it playful and whimsy. They even tell you what is in the perfume and what it stands for. Turkish rose, sparkling pear, and berries combine with peony, to symbolize good fortune, beauty, and frienship. I LOVE this. You should see the bottle of the perfume. It's roses that are lavendar in color, and then at the top, it has a butterfly for the handle. So precious! I'm absolutely IN LOVE with ScentBird. Have you ever tried ScentBird and their products? Let me know in the comments down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! 

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