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Monday, February 16, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have for you my go to hair mask. Most hair masks don't work to their best ability on my hair. It's hard for me to find products that actually work on my type of hair. That's why I'm really glad to show you this hair product that really works for my coarse, thick hair.

 I'm really loving InstaNatural and their products. This Argan oil hair mask is another one of my favorite products. Most oils, especially coconut oil, doesn't really work well with my hair. Along with other hair masks, I have a difficult time finding a product that actually works on my hair and doesn't make it feel sticky. Most masks that I use, I have to recondition my hair afterwards because it just leaves it feeling weird and I don't like it. When I used this mask however, it still left my hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

Argan Oil Hair Mask - $17.95

This hair mask is a deep conditioner, so you can leave it on for five minutes or 20 minutes. If you want, you can put a hair cap on and sit under the dryer for 20 minutes to make it more effective as well. It has argan oil, coconut oil, japanese green tea, avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin B, and other ingredients that make up the mask. The intended purpose it to restore dry hair and to make your hair shiny and soft again. Which it really does. My hair definitely feels a lot better after using this product. I generally use it once a week, and since my hair is really thick, this has about 5-6 uses for me which is really good. 

Argan Oil - $17.97 

I love to pair this 100% Argan oil moisturizer to my hair as well. Again, since I can't use coconut oil, argan oil is a great substitute for me. I love using this oil after I was my hair and also when I'm styling it. It's a quick way to bring moisture back without having to rewash my hair or drown it in my products. My curly hair actually looks really well when I use this product! You're getting a good bang for your buck with this product because all you really need is a few pumps, or even less depending on your hair type. You can even use this to moisturize your skin too which is a plus. You get a product that is 100% organic and it's a multipurpose product. 

Have you tried any of Instanatural's products before? Let me know in the comments down below. I'm really starting to love this brand and some of their products. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! 

*Sponsored by InstaNatural but all opinions are mine*

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