On the Wild Side: Ipsy's June Glam Bag 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ipsy's June glam bag 2013 is called on the wild side. It features products from NYX, Freeman Beauty, Cailyn Cosmetics, J. Cat Beauty, Star Looks, and Chella. With my personal quiz answers, I got a blush, dry shampoo, glitter palette, lip liner, and eyeliner. The bag is an awesome cheetah print with a lime green zipper.

The bag design for June 2013

A product that I got was a lip liner from Star Looks in the color tipsy. It's sort of a deep pink, but when applying it on my lips I noticed that it does look a bit brighter than when I tested it on my hand. It's very smooth and you can actually go out without putting lipstick or gloss on top of it. The texture just feels great on your lips and you're just going to need a little bit of chapstick so your lips don't dry out.

Star Look's lip liner in Tipsy
A NYX blush was also in my glam bag. I got mine in the color silky rose. It's a nice, creamy blush that's a little bit darker than the lip pencil I received. It goes really good with my complex and blends pretty well. It's not really shimmery so that's always a plus for me. 

NYX's blush in Silky Rose

With Cailyn Cosmetics, I got the gel eye liner in purple. It's a creamy, waterproof eyeliner that's intended to last up to 24 hours, smudged proof. I was scared about the purple because I thought it was going to be too vibrant for my skin tone, however it showed to actually look like I did have black eyeliner on. It's dark but not too dark and you can still see the purple. It comes with a small liner brush that gives it an easier way to apply.

Cailyn Cosmetics' eyeliner in Purple

J. Cat Beauty provided me with a glitter palette in Suzie. It's a collection of golden toned cream glitter. I noticed that only color that was actually creamy was the second one on the left side. All of the rest of them felt very dry. Glitter isn't something I would use on a daily basis, but this is why the bag is called, "on the wild side." This is something I would use for Halloween, New Years Eve, or parties. Just a special occasion where glitter is appropriate. This is NOT  a glitter eyeshadow. It's a body glitter that can also be used for your hair or nails.

J. Cat Beauty's glitter palette in Suzie
The last product I received was from Freeman Beauty. It is a small can of their dry shampoo. I was never a believer in dry shampoo when it first came out. My experience with one for the first time was not very pleasing. It left my hair feeling very dry and sticky. However, this particular brand left my hair feeling soft, looking pretty shiny, and just as if I just got it done. All you do it shake the can, spray it on various parts of your hair and let it sit for a few minutes. It's going to have your hair looking like you spray painted it grey, but after you brush it out it's like having freshly done hair.

Freeman Beauty's dry shampoo

I loved all of the products in this month's glam bag. I always get products and brands that I never tried before. It is all well worth the $10 a month. If you would like to take the beauty quiz and sign up for Ipsy, please click here. I highly recommend it. Each month you get 4-5 different products from different brands. Some come full size, which is also a bonus. You also get promotional discount codes for each brand every month that last up until the first week or two of the next month. If you love to try new products, I insist you sign up for Ipsy. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon.

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