Tips for buying brushes

Monday, July 22, 2013

Buying brushes can be pretty expensive depending on the type and what brand you get. If you read my post earlier, here, I talked to you about buying the right brush for you. Keep in mind, that you want to lean more towards brushes that are going to be in your everyday use. You don't want to stack up on brushes that are you just going to dust away on your vanity.

Whether you're being wildlife friendly, or simply want to save money, synthetic brushes are your best bet! Many companies are using synthetic brushes opposed to animal hair brushes because they were able to mimic and recreate the performance and quality of animal haired brushes. 

Here's a major tip you want to use when shopping for these brushes:

  • Test them out: Swirl the brush on your inner arm. If it feels harsh to your skin or sheds, the quality is poor. 
Another great tip to follow is try out the brushes that were already with the product. Odds are, the mini brush with your new bronzer is a great brush to use for it. I usually never use the brushes that come with certain make up, but now I realized that they're there for a purpose! Don't just throw them away or don't use them because they're not your Mac or Bobby Brown brushes. Give it a chance and odds are you're going to like it. What brands do you just love when it comes to brushes? What's your tip for saving money when it comes to brushes? Leave a comment down below. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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