How young is too young to wear make up?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Face it, we live in a world where we're constantly learning and advancing. Technology went from having a house phone as a means of communication, to having your own personal mobile cell phone. Today young girls are 13-14 looking as if they're 18. 18 year old girls are acting as if they're 21. No matter how hard we may try, we simply cannot put a hold on today's youth and stop them from growing up too fast. So what's todays topic you may ask. How young is too young to wear make up. Now, I don't mean just mascara and eyeshadow, but foundation/concealer/powder. The full 100% make up.

From a young age, I believe in elementary school, we are taught about puberty. How our body is going to change. Young girls are told that when they go through puberty and get their period, they are women now. So why is that when they try to "grow up" and do somethings that young women do, they get bashed on. We teach them that getting their period is the next step to "adulthood," that they are young ladies in the making. They begin to start wearing bras, going out with their friends more, even getting a cell phone. Girls as young as 10 have a better phone than my mother. So why is it when it comes to make up, we tell them that they're too young to wear it.

Keep in mind as you're reading this that this is my own personal opinion. I'm in no way speaking for others but how I feel. I started wearing make up in 7th or 8th grade. I always saw my mother put make up on and I thought wow. This stuff is so cool, I want to wear it too. I grew up with two brothers and a younger sister who only visited. My friends weren't really interested in the same things as me, so make up was never talked about. One day I just started experimenting. I wore my mother's mascara and the next day at school, some of my friends were questioning what I had on and told me I looked funny. I tried so hard to fit in that I thought if I arched my eyebrows, they would talk to me more. Lets just say.. it didn't turn out good at all. Complete fail. By 8th grade, I was wearing eyeshadow and mascara. And yes, I was one of those girls who matched their eyeshadow color to the color of my shirts. One day, I wore black eyeshadow because my shirt was black with different colors on it. My mother dropped me off to school and before she let me out, saw the black eyeshadow and wiped it off. I looked like I had two black eyes.

By high school, I wasn't really wearing make up that often. Freshman year, I finally got contacts and my confidence rose. By sophomore year I got braces and I couldn't be happier. I just always wore the basics. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. I never used foundation/concealer/powder/blush/bronzer any of that before. I had pretty good skin too. I never broke out and if I did, it was so small you couldn't really notice it. I really never knew or know now how it feels to have your face break out a lot. So, so grateful.

Back to the point, I feel that if you tell a girl that she becomes a "young adult" when she reaches puberty, then why not let her play around with some adult things. Face it, today girls as young as 13 have YouTubes talking about make up and doing a full face routine. We may be trying to keep today's kids as youthful and innocent as ever, but the world is changing and they are growing up faster. I say, we should let them experiment with make up. She what they like and don't like. Not for the idea of trying to be like celebrities and models, but to love who they are and only enhance how they feel about themselves. Girls should know that they don't need make up to make themselves the ideal of beauty, but that they are beautiful without it too. If they want to try it out, just let them. It's going to happen one way or another, so why not teach them a better idea of make up. I do not wear make up because I feel I need it, I wear it because I like it. That's what it should be about.

For girls growing up, their appearance is always being something that others judge. Going through puberty, some girls may experience really bad break outs. So of course they are going to think they need make up to cover it up. Instead of teaching them how to hide the marks, teach them how to take proper care of skin and use different methods to hide their blemishes. Confidence is going to play a big part of  growing up, so we should teach them to love their selves first and help with future insecurities. I feel as though, whatever they'll be confident with, we should do our best to help and teach them about it.

Being somebody who talks about make up, youtube, are actual make up artists, should show young girls the positive reasons behind make up. Especially at a young age, but again. It's what they feel confident in. Everyone is going to have their own opinion about make up and young teens, but that's a conversation their mother should have with them. We don't want to teach them that they can only achieve beauty with make up. Make up is used to enhance your beauty, not create it.

With great videos on skin care, and the importance of being confident within your own self, we can teach young girls the importance of finding the beauty within themselves. Teach them the positivity of make up and not use it as something to fix what's wrong with you. So how is too young to wear make up? Well, that depends all on what her parents think and talk about with her. We shouldn't bash young girls for wearing make up, but educate them when they want to. It's better to show that you're supporting and encouraging them the right way. That's all I really have to say on this topic. Feel free to comment down below what your opinions about this are. Remember, you're beauty truly shows when you're beautiful on the inside. People will notice and pay attention to that then your make up. It's an enhancer, not a beauty maker.

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