✨NEW✨ Pixi Beauty MultiBalms

Thursday, August 18, 2016

If you could have a portable makeupstick, that's easy to use and easy to store, would you bring it with you everywhere? Well here's your chance, I'm sharing with you my thoughts on Pixi Beauty's new Multibalms!

Pixi Beauty was kind enough to send me all five shades of their new multibalms. I've tested these bad boys for a couple of weeks now, in different temperatures, using different techniques to see which is the best way to use these multibalms. 

These multibalm sticks are intended for your cheeks and for your lips. To give a nice pigmented color and comes in five different shades. The shades are Baby Petal (Petal), Soft Strawberry (Red Berry), Wild Rose (Mauve Rose), Sheer Sculpt (Cocoa), and Watermelon Veil (Pink). The multibalms have aloe vera, shea butter, and rose hip oil to give it its creamy texture, that is also a more cream/powder finish, retailing at $12 each. Sheer Sculpt is one of those shades that you can use to contour with, which is a plus. 

When I first swatched them on my Snapchat (Tislee), I was like YES! But when I first tried it, I was like Oh god No, No. Clearly I wasn't using it right on my skin. I applied way too much, in one spot that I couldn't blend out quick enough and it felt a little too creamy on my face. It added texture to my skin and I didn't like that so much but I was determined to work with this because I love the colors. After using a stippling brush, I was like YES HONEY! GIVE ME LIFE SWEET PIXI! I was able to blend the colors out more and even focus it on one direct area at a time. I find that using a stippling brush as opposed to a dense brush, really makes the product look a whole lot better. It doesn't give off as much texture but the color payoff is well and you don't have to worry about applying too much product because you have control over how much you put on your brush. These have been like my go to blushes for the past few weeks. 

I find myself reaching for Soft Strawberry and Wild Rose everytime that I do my makeup. Those are my absolute favorite colors because when you apply Soft Strawberry on your cheeks, it gives off a nice flushed face look. Which I'm absolutely loving right now. And when you put it on your lips, first it feels like heaven. The color payoff is also so well that it looks like a bold lipstick when you're wearing it. There's no limitations when it comes to these multibalms, you can use them alone or combine them to make different shades. I also think they work well with each skin tone because the blush doesn't look too heavy but it has enough pigmentation that it shows up on skin tones like mine. The only stick I didn't like was the Sheer Sculpt because it didn't define my face as well as I hoped it would do. It sort of just blended into my skin tone but I can see people with medium and fair skin tones using this to contour. It's a nice alternative that you can bring with you everywhere. 

Overall, I love these multibalms. They feel very good on your lips and on your face as well. The pigmentation is great and it will even last through humid weather and some sweat. I went to Connecticut and the air was different than New Jersey, so I stayed out almost all day to test the wear of the multibalms and I was suprised that it didn't wear off throughout the day. The intensity may have gone down, but the color was still there. Definitely one of my favorite multipurpose sticks to use. Have you tried these out yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below and I'll see you soon. 

All About Derma E

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hey everyone, 

Welcome back to my blog, in today's post I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Derma E. Derma E is a  natural skin care brand that has a variety of products to meet different needs, all infused with different vitamins and minerals to really nourish your face in a healthy way. 

Derma E was kind enough to send me some products to try out and review. Some products I did own and already tried through Ipsy and Generation Beauty. As with all my reviews, they are completely my opinion, truthfully. I also make sure to test my products out (depending on what kind it is) so I can tell you the truth benefits and cons of using the product. I've tested out Derma E for a little over a month after switching up my skin care routine and implementing Derma E into my routine. The added plus, Derma E is vegan and cruelty free! This review may be pretty long, so make sure you grab a snack and drink and get ready!! 

At first when I got this scrub, I don't know but I thought it was for your body. Silly, silly me haha. But when I finally used it on my face. My oh my! Since my skin is sensitive, I used a softer touch to my skin when I was rubbing it in circular motions. I really like how the scrub is more fine in texture than other scrub. Instead of being bigger chunks, it was actually smaller particles that really got into my skin and into my pores to fully cleanse my skin. What I also love about this product, is that the first ingredient is water. Meaning that the scrub is mainly made up of water which is a good thing for your skin. It has dead sea salt and volcanic sand plus grape seed and Vitamin E to really combat the cells of your skin to purify it. Even though its not really meant for your body, you can use it on your hands, heels, elbows and knees to create a softer skin texture. This product can also help to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 
This was a product that I got from Generation Beauty last year and I tried it a few times, but that was back when I didn't really have a skin care routine. I was just learning more about the importance of a skin care routine and I was slowly building up a variety of products to see what skin care combination worked well for me. Since I received this product, I decided to swap out my old toner and I started to use this one. What I really liked about this toner was that I was able to use it without it having a tingling sensation on my skin. When I use other toners, they usually leave a sticky feeling to my face or they give me a slight burning sensation, nothing harse. However, when I used this toner, my skin really soaked it in well and it left my face feeling a little more firm. I just had to make sure to follow up with a moisturizer or else my face wouldn't feel completely nourished. While the toner did give a brightness to my skin and really made my skin tone more even, I only dislike how I felt I had to follow up with another product to restore the moisture back to my skin. 
The Purifying Youth Serum was probably one of my favorite products out all the ones I received. While I was using different toners, this one had more of a liquid texture and wasn't as heavy as other serumes. Just one pump was enough to sooth my skin, with me focusing more on the center of my face and my forehead. I loved how it made my skin feel so good overall and I really felt like I didn't have to put a moisturizer on afterwards. While I wish I had a Derma E moisturizer to fully complete my routine, I didn't so I stook to my Purlisse moisturizer after using this product which proved to be a great combination to wake up with a moisturized and youthful looking face. 
This was an interesting product to me because it says that it's a peel, however it's a product that you use overnight and you wash off in the morning. It's claimed to exfoliate your face while also bringing a new texture back to your skin. The overnight peel has fruit acids and glycolic sugar cane. Which basically removes your dead skin cells from your face overnight. It's meant to enhance the radiance of your skin while also evening out the pigmentation. Boy did I see a difference in my face after this using this product. I like to use it when my face is feeling dull and blah and it's like it suddenly brings me back life. I feel like Bella when her body is transforming into a vampire. Not the burning feeling inside, but you know the part in the movie where she's just laying there and it's like she's coming back to life looking so much more beautiful than before. It's like I did my skin care routine 10x in a row and my face felt like a baby's bum but looked like the sun and everything was blinded by it's brightness. Although it does make me look like I'm sweating 1000 bullets when you first apply it ... and for the next few hours or so. This was a really great product and I was certainly impressed by it. 

 This was a very interesting product that I tried because it was unlike any other makeup remover that I tried before. Instead of it being more of a liquid, it had a thicker and more gel like consistency to it. It was also very soothing to the skin and when you use it, it feels like you're putting a hydrating face mask on. This product is fragrance and oil free to give you the most benefits when using it. However, you do have to follow up with a makeup mask to take any extra makeup off, that's the only thing that was disappointing. However, the makeup remover penetrates deep to take majority of your makeup off. 
This product has become my staple product to use in the morning. It feels so good on the skin, almost like it's waking it up. If you store it in a dark, cool place, it will also feel soothing to the skin even more when I use it. I like to wash my face in the morning when I shower, so the extra steam opens up my pore to also the cleanser to work well on my skin. It makes me feel so refreshed and doesn't leave a firm feeling like some other cleansers I've used which is a plus. You really only need a little squeeze to wash your whole face and I also like to bring this down to my neck as well. It has become one of my favorite cleansers to use. 
I tried this mask bcfore but it was only a sample size so I was really excited to get a nice sized bottle of this charcoal mask. It's one of my favorite masks becasue you can put it on and it will dry within 5-10 minutes and it doesn't dry up too much on your face making it feel stiff. this mask does dry up but it's as if its pulling up all of your impurities in your skin and it makes your face feel so good when you take it off. I really enjoyed this mask because I felt as if it brought all the dirt out of my face without drying it out. It was a nice product to use on your skin once or twice a week if your prefer. I like using this on days when I want to relax myself and just feel good overall. A day where I refresh my body and that is like a Sunday or a Saturday. 
This detox scrub has also become one of my favorites. When I really want to deep cleanse my skin after wearing a lot of makeup throughout the week, I like to grab this srub to use on my face. It has a metallic and almost body wash texture to it with beads throughout the really scrub your skin. This product also contains active charcoal to really get the dirt off your face. It has a ton of minerals and great toxin fighting ingredients to refresh your face after prolonged makeup use. I highly recommend this product if you're someone who likes to wear makeup almost on the daily. Using this product twice a week will help to keep your face look and feeling fresh. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Derma E products. They were really great to use and I still use them even now. I received this package almost two months ago and I've been using these particular products for a little over a month. I developed a new skin care routine that works for me and is gentle enough for my face while keeping it nourished, radiant, and healty. I highly recommend Derma E if you're looking for an effective vegan and cruelty free skin care routine because there are a variety of products to choose from to cater to your skin type. Have you tried Derma E before? Let me know in the comments down below. 

Soft Bronzer for Tan Skin

Monday, July 11, 2016

I know how hard it is to find a bronzer that isn't too orange, or one that isn't too harsh for your skin. It can be kind of hard for us tanned and medium deep tone ladies. But to no avail, I found a bronzer that gives the most soft but beautiful bronzer to skin. Something that isn't too heavy but can be layered up.

It's Laura Mercier's bronzing press powder in Sun Bronze. Retailing for $34, this product has .28oz of product. I got this as a gift from a friend, so I was very grateful to have received this product. This is described as a warm golden radiance. It's also meant to give you a nice healthy and sunny glow. 

At first, I wasn't sure how I really felt about this bronzer. I thought it didn't add anything to my skin and that was before I had a ring light. It became one of those products that I just had sitting in my makeup collection with countless others. I didn't really realize that it was a Laura Merceir makeup product either. I was just beginning to use more lavish and high end makeup brands, so I wasn't very knowledgeable. But oh when I found out what this bad boy really was, I put it to use. I grabbed a nice high end makeup brush to apply it, and boy was I in love. 

The silky feeling of gliding on my skin made fall in love. And how the shimmer just softly made my tan skin glow without being heavy. Making it look like I was glowing from within. It gave me a soft enough to color to give off a nice contour but nothing heavy like a runway or full glam look. Softly contour my cheeks, while giving me a great glow. I really love this bronzer. Again, it's perfect for more medium to tan skin tones, as on me, it gives just enough color. But anything a little tanner, and you could probably use it as a highlight or a nice shadow. I think it compliments the skin well without giving any texture. The only thing is that it does has some fall out, but nothing your brush can't pick up. What other bronzer do you recommend? Leave a comment down below. 

Unique Highlighter

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hey everyone,

Ever tried so many highlighters until you found that one that's like no other. Yea, I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Marc Jacobs Glowstick illuminator in the shade Spotlight. I find it to be like no other highlight I ever tried before, and I wanted to share it with you all.

I was sent the Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator by Influenster. As with all blog posts, these opinions are completely mine and truthful. I played around with this product for about two weeks to see what the best method of application would be. So I will be sharing with you the best and worst ways to apply this product and how you can make the most of it. This product retails for $42 and you're getting .49oz of product. After using it for a few weeks, and intensely, I've only gotten a little dip in the product, nothing too big. The shade is in SpotLight, which is a universal glow for all skin tones. This is a cream highlighter and I call it unique because it's unlike any other cream highlighter that I do have. 

This highlighter has pearly gold and silver shimmers in it to give you the most radient looking skin ever. With different ways to apply it, you can really make it look like your skin is glowing from beneath, without any added texture. The shimmers in the highlighter are subtle yet powerful enough to pack a punch if you really layer the product. I find that this is also a good base for powder highlighters, because it will really make those colors shine out and stand out even more. Trust me, when I used Ofra x Dupe that highlight in You Dew You, my skin looked like I was a shining sun. I couldn't help but to avoid the overpowerness of that highlight. It's definitely a show stopper. 

When I first got this product, it came with a little card that said not to apply this directly to your skin, but to use a brush or a sponge. So I tested out three different methods. 

  • Direct Application - With Direct application, the glow stick does come out well, but you're going to take a chance of getting whatever product you put on first, on your glow stick. For me, that was my entire face routine, foundation, powder, and all. It rubbed off completely on the stick getting my various products more on the stick, than the actual highlight on my face. A better way would be to use this before you apply your foundation. Be generous, the product will make it seem like your glowing even if you put other products on top of it. I would suggest using your fingers if you want more of a "direct" application or use it before your other products for an even better illumanting glow. 
  • Sponge - Ehhh.. I was iffy about using it with the sponge. I had to pack on a lot of product to get it to come onto my skin. My face product didn't transfer this way as with direct applicatioin, but it more suitable for a softer glow. If you use the tip of your beauty blender, you'll get a more direct and precise application. You can build it up and then easily blend it out with your sponge. I just feel like the sponge soaks up the product more depending on how you use it, and youll end up using more product. 
  • Brushes - At first I didn't like using a brush when I first applied this product. With a large fan brush, I was getting little to no pay off. Even with a small fan brush. I was getting the same results. So after playing around with it for a while, I decided to use the more dense part of my fan brush for application. Instead of using the tips, I would use the middle or the bottom of the brush. That way, I can really pick up product and place it well. That way, I felt like I could really get a nice hold of the product and I can control how little or how much I really want. I really prefered it that way, because I was able to get the product on top of my foundation without the foundation rubbing off. I think a nice stippling brush would also work well. Marc Jacobs does recommend one of their brushes for this product, but I don't have that brush so I can't test that out. However, applying with the dense part of the fan brush was my favorite way to apply this highlighter. 
Overall, I think this is the perfect go to highlighter. After learning how to work wth it based on how you like your highlight, I really think you will f all in love with it. It is a little hard to use as first, but it is easily managable and you can work with it in whatever way works best for you. I think this is one of those splurge products but something I would personally purchase again if/when I run out of the product. It has becaome my favorite highlight that I just see myself grabbing whenever I do my makeup. Have you tried this highlighter out? What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment down below and I'll talk to you soon! 

Rose Infused Products

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In today's post I'm going to be sharing you my thoughts on some products that have some sort of Rose infused ingredients in them.

There are many added benefits to using rose oil or rose water. With lots of new skin care products coming out with lines that specifically are infused with roses. Rose hip oil is said to help your skin with sun damage. It can also help to tone and brighten your skin. Containing Vitamin C and essential fatty acids that help replenish your damaged skin. Rose water helps to control the natural oils on your face and body. It can also help with your skins natural pH balance as well. Rose hip oil is good for people who have redness or inflammed skin, as it helps to sooth the skin to. There are lots of benefits to using both rose hip oil and rose water, so I'm going to share with you some of my favorite products. 

  1. Nourish Organic Face lotion with Argan and Rose water - This light weight lotion has a soft scent of rose water, nothing too overpowering because it can tend to be overwhelming. This product is said to soften your skin while replenishing it. It is also said to restore the elasticity of your skin while evening the tone and texture. Wow! What a lot of great benefits in one product. When I was on my old skin care routine, I loved to use this lotion to make me feel extra good after a shower. I would put this on face and it was nice enough for my sensitive skin but it did feel a little more stickier than other moisturizers. 
  2. Nourish Organic Face toner with Rose water and Witch Hazel - I don't know about you, but my grandma swears by witch hazel. She's been using it for decades and she's 74, but looks like she can be in her 60s. Her skin looks so well for her age, so I was excited to try this toner that had both witch hazel and rose water inside of it. This toner is made so that it doesn't strip the natural moisture from your face, yet it's adding to it unlike some other toners I've tried. Other toners would leave my face with more of a firm feeling, so I would have to follow up with serum and moisturizer because my skin wouldn't feel right. But I love how my skin feels when I use this toner. It's great and gentle enough for my skin while giving it a nice refreshing feelig. 
  3. Nourish Organic Rose hip and Rose water body oil mist - Are you getting the theme here? Nourish Organic has a lot of rose hip oil and rose water based products. Along with other ones as well. But back to this mist. Oh boy don't I feel like a Greek goddess when I used this baby up. The bottle is mearly for show, as I barely have anything left over after using this. On days when I really want to feel good about myself, I would use this right after the shower. My body and skin felt so good when I had this on even though my skin didn't absorb it that well. It did take a while for everything to fully soak in but boy did I feel like a queen using a secret product no one else has. If you treasure your body, you'll try this one out at least one time. Pretty please?
  4. Pixi Rose Oil blend - And if you really want to splurge, you'll get this Pixi Beauty rose oil blend. Yes it's the gifts of the gods and when I got the last one at my local Target, I knew it was fate. This precious beauty just had to come home with me. A little thicker than say coconut oil, I love to use this when my face is feeling a little bit more dry. This has a combination of different oils to help keep your face looking young, give you that glow, and to improve the elasticity of your skin. I also like to use this with some of my cream contour as they can be on the drier side. But be warned. A small drop really goes a long way. 
  5. Nourish Organic Argan face serum with Apricot and Rose hip oil - Boy oh boy do I love this serum. This serum is a little on the thinner side, so I would suggest using a cotton ball or pad when you apply it. It will be runny if you do with your hands, so you've been warned. I love how much this hydrates my face and gives me the best feeling ever. I really love everything about this serum and it's perfect for fighting the dry air in the winter. 

Have you ever tried some rose infused products? Leave a comment down below letting me know and I'll see you soon! 

All About Purlisse

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey everyone,

 In today's blog post, I'm going to telling you my thoughts on Purlisse. You can say that Purlisse is an Asian inpsired skin care brand. Combined with French skin technology, this brand brings you simple yet effective products to keep your skin looking its best.

Purlisse was kind enough to send me these products and I've tested them out for over a month, so my review is completely authetic and as real as can be. I was sent over the 2 face masks, 2 moisturizers, a BB cream, a facial cleanser, and a lip nourisher. I'm going to be sharing with you my full thoughts on these products. 

4-1 Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser - By far my favorite product that I got out of all of the products. This Soy Milk Cleanser has a combination of soy milk, soy protein, whole oat and white tea. This cleanser is also a doubled use product, because it can also take your makeup off as well. What I loved about it, was that it really did take majority of my makeup off when I used it. I only had a problem with heavy duty mascaras, that I had to follow up with a makeup wipe. Other than that, it really washed away my makeup while also taking away the dirt and oil. It has definitely been my favorite product and I used it completely for the month. It's done. I salvaged as much as I could out of this bad boy. It left my face feeling firm, which was good for night. That's also a plus, because using it at night really leaves your face refreshed for the next morning. Being that I used this every night....  literally, every single night. It defnintely feels like a product that is worth your buck. You would use your normal sized amount of cleanser. It doesn't form and when you put it on your face..... oh boy you're gonna love the feeling. 

BB Tinted Moist Cream with SPF 30  - This product that I got, I actually requested because I wanted to see how this BB cream would hold up with my skin tone. If you read my Current Skincare Routine blog posts, you would know that I am currently on Retin A, which requires me to use an SPF moisturizer throughout the day. So I was very happy to get this BB cream that has an added bonus of 30 SPF. We'll talk about their moisturizer that has SPF too later ;). This BB cream is said to give you a natural finish while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, it has a rich moisturizer with skin perfecting color, and it's approved for all skin types. You can also wear this BB cream under your foundation as well. I thought this BB cream was pretty nice. It was light weight and it barely felt like you anything on your skin. I was able to blend it out into my skin, it just washed me out a little bit being that I'm more tan. This is perfect for me when the weather is just coming out after the winter, and the sun is out more. Since I do tan in the summer, this is something I would have to use underneath my foundation. I can always mix it with another BB cream as well for added bonus. I love the plus that it has SPF in it because that is certainly a great way to protect your skin from the sun's harsh ways. 

Pur Moist - One of the moisturizers that I got was this Pur Moist hydra-balance moisturizer. This product has white tea, vitamin E, and french marine plants combined into it. This moisturizer is more of gel consistency but it feels like a cream when you put it on and it really absorbs into the skin well. This moisturizer is perfect for your night time routine as it will help to hydrate your face over night. This product is also for all skin types, including sensitive which is what I have. This wasn't a heavy feeling moisturizer when you put it on. It kind of feels like a serum, but thicker. I love how you can use a little bit of product and moisturize your whole face. I also like to bring this down to my neck and upper chest area, so that I'm hydrating those areas as well. That is very important to keep up with. This moisturizer even has blue lotus that is like an antioxidant for your skin to fight against free radicals. Basically meaning, it's going to help your skin nourish its cells and help to make them nice and your skin plump. 

Pur Protect - So this was the moisturizer I was talking about before. This essential daily moisturizer also has 30 SPF in it, which I love to use in the morning. This moisturizer has white tea, soy protein, and algae extracts to help give you a nice protective surface on your face from the sun. The consistency of this moisturizer is a little thicker and more white than the Pur moist, although they both feel the same when applying on the skin. You can sort of feel the SPF in this moisturizer, but it isn't a really thick and sticky feeling like a normal SPF sunscreen would be. This again, is for all skin types including sensitive. This is perfect to use as a base for your makeup, because you're not only protecting your face, but you're hydrating it as well. That's exactly what you want to do for a nice fresh face for the day, especially in the summer. This product is also infused with blue lotus as well to give you the added benefits your skin needs. 

AND did I forget to add that a little goes a long way with both of these moisturizers. I've been using them for a month and I still have at least half of it left. 

Pur Lip Comfort - Boy did I feel like Lil Mamma and my lip gloss was popping when I had this stuff on. Ever wanted the comfort of wearing a nice soothing lip blam while also have a nice shine like you're wearing your favorite lip gloss from 8th grade? Yea, that pretty much sums of how I feel about this Pur Lip Comfort. This has mango and shea butters, jojoba and rice bran oils and vitamin E to really hydrate and lock in the moisture. This really saved my lips when I swatched my Ofra Lip Collection.  This really nourishes your lips and give it back its baby smooth surface. I absolutely love this stuff and I'm trying so hard to use it because I'm almost completely gone with it. 

Blue Lotus and White Tea treatment sheet mask - Who doesn't love a good sheet mask? I know I do. I was so excited to try this one out. This is said to improve your skins texture, brighten and firm the skin, that gives you a healthy and youthful looking complexion. You can use this treatment hot or cold. If your face is feeling puffy, just leave the mask in the fridge for a few hours before your use it. To get a deeper feel of the ingredients, place this mask in hot water to really open up your pores and soak everything in. Make sure that your pat in the left over ingredients when you're done. I really felt a difference when I used this mask. It was just as great as the Blue Lotus and Seaweed sheet mask that I got to try. I really loved both of them and they both left my face feeling so refreshed and looking really youthful. I got a lot of compliments on my natural skin after I used this product. 

Overall, I loved all of these products that I got to try and I'm truly thankful for it. Keep in mind that all opinions are my own. They aren't influenced by others, these opinions are completely mine. I think Purlisse if perfect for you if you splurge on your skin care and you want products that will truly benefit your skin without harming it. Have you ever tried Purlisse before? Let me know in the comments down below and I'll see you soon! 

Destination Chic

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. On today's post, I'm going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Ipsy's 2016 May glam bag called Destination Chic. I know that I'm a little late with this blog post, but I still wanted to get it up here and share with you how I felt about it.

As per usual, this month's glam bags have a ton of brands for the month. So it's nice to know you're not always getting the same thing and that your bag is really made for you. This month's brands were Crazy Rumors, Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics, Trissola, Glamour Dolls, It Cosmetics, Mellow Cosmetics, Pacifica, Neutrogena, Eva NYC, NoTs, GlamGlow, Bellapierre Cosmetics, Vasanti Cosmeitcs, Epice International, Simissglam, Clark's Botanicals, Vera Mona, Aurora, Hikari Cosmetics, Ziaja, PEEK Beauty, The Organic Pharmacy, Jersey Shore Cosmetics, Avene, Hanalei, INSPR Beauty, SOO AE, Etat Libre D'Orange, Formula 10.0.6, Biossance, Smashbox Cosmetics. With all of these different brands, you're not bound to get the same type of product in your glam bag. Meaning lipstick, blush, etc. You have a chance of getting skin care products, hair care products, and tools, which is a great plus. 

This month I got It Cosmetic's No tug, waterproof eyeliner, Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer Duo in Caribbean Sun, Trissolo Chia Smoothing Hair Oil, Glamour Dolls Sperm Whale Blending Brush #10 and Crazy Rumors Hibikiss natural lip color in Coral. 

The first product I'm going to be talking about, will be It Cosmetic's Waterproof liner. I already tried this product at Generation Beauty and I love it. The black is so intense and dark that you can easily line your waterline and upper waterline. Sometimes it does wear off a little easy, but I find that it is easy to work with. I even used this as a base to do my smokey eye, and it blended out pretty well for me. The only thing I don't like about this product, is that it does dry up pretty easily. When it does get dry, you can't even use it because the color is completely lost. 

The next product that I got was this Jelly Pong Pong cosmetics bronzer duo in the shade Caribbean Sun.  I really liked this bronzer duo. I thought that the bronzer and blush was a nice combination to give you a sunkissed look with a nice soft flush to your skin. The bronzer color was nice but it did make me look a bit orange with my tanned skin. So this would be nice for someone lighter than me. I really loved the blush. It complimented my skin tone so well and it is one of my favorites. 

The next product that I got was Trissola's Chia smoothing oil. This product is said to strengthen your hair, nourish it, hydrate, and add shine all to your hair! Isn't that wonderful. I did love this oil very much. It did give my hair a lot of shine and helped to calm down my tight curls as well. The only thing I didn't like was that it did have a fragrance to it and I don't really like hair oils that have fragrance because I feel it adds more texture to my hair. I did find myself grabbing this whenever I was doing my hair however. 

The next product that I got was Glamour Dolls Sperm Whale edition #10 blending blush. First impression of this brush was that it was very cute and definitely a unique styled brush to have. However, I accidentally broke it when I left it on my bed. I was disappointed but I was able to get a use for it. This is a nice brush for when you want to apply a deep shade in a small place. It can softly blend the shadow out, while still keeping it intense. The quality of the brush does someone match the price but I really liked the bristles of the brush. 

Lastly, I got Crazy Rumor's Hibikiss Lip Balm in coral. This was by far my favorite product in the whole glam bag. This was a nice chapstick with a soft color and sweet scent to it. I couldn't enjoy it more because my dog chewed the bottom of it, so I wouldn't be able to move the product up to use it. I was so sad but this is definitely a product that I would purchase again. 

Overall, I really liked this month's glam bag and I think it was a very nice bag and I enjoyed all of the products. Even though I got a product that I already have, it was still a nice bag. I love Ipsy so much and I think it's a great way to try new brands and products. 

All about Pigments

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everyone,

In today's post, I'm going to be showing you some pigments from Naked Cosmetics. I got this Naturally Nude Collection of 6 pigments from Ipsy, on one of their Ipsy offers. I'm really loving these pigments and I want to share with you my thoughts on them.

This collection of pigments are in the Naturally Nude collection, which is one of Naked Cosmetic's top sellers. It features six different pigments for $59.99. You can also buy the pigments individually for $14.99. You're definitely getting a deal by getting the pigments in a set. My first impressions of these pigments, were that the color payoff was very well and that it comes with a lot of product. As you can see, it's almost filled to the top and it's great that you really only need to use a small amount. So this is a product that you can really get a bang for your buck out of. 

  1. Naturally Nude 1
  2. Naturally Nude 2
  3. Naturally Nude 3
  4. Naturally Nude 4
  5. Naturally Nude 5
  6. Naturally Nude 6 

As you can see from the picture, the colors are very beautiful. The swatches are just one swipe too. This is what the colors look on my skin tone. I really like working with these pigments. To use it, I just sprayed my brush with some setting spray, and then I picked up the pigment and patted it on my eyelids. I love how this collection is great for putting an eyecatching color on the center of your lids. They are very beautiful, but I did have some problem with creasing. Which is because I do have hooded eyelids, so sometimes it does transfer onto my crease area. What I also love about this collection is that it's like a gradient of colors and you can also double up and use this for a nice winged liner. I love mixing this with Inglot's duraline and making a cool wing with it. You can also use pigments in many different ways. You can also use it as a lipstick or even a nail polish by mixing it with clear polish. It's one of those products that are unviersal to use. I loved this collection and when I want a nice shimmered lid, I reach for these. The prices are a little steep for me, but for how long it lasts, depending on how often you use it, is great. There's a lot of product so you have a bunch of different looks you can do. What are some of your favorite pigments? Leave a comment down below letting me know!

Current Skin Care Routine

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In this post, I wanted to share with you my updated skin care routine. I have been using a few new products from Derma E and Purlisse. I wanted to share with you a combination that is really catering to my sensitve skin.

I had the pleasure of being sent most of these products to try. However, my opinions on these products are only after I've been using this regimen for around a month now. This current routine includes my day and night skin care uses. 

For the morning, I love using my Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser in the morning. I feel like this cleanser not only wakens up my face, but it helps to give me a smooth canvas when I want to apply my makeup. Even if I'm not applying makeup for that day, it gives me a nice subtle glow to my face and leaves me feeling refreshed. I like to follow up with Purlisse Pur Protect spf sunscreen and moisturizer. As you all know, I'm also on retin a, which requires you to put sunscreen on your face so that you don't burn it. Since retin a is a strong product to use, you want to make sure you're using a high spf to protect your face. The added moisture from it, makes it a creamy product to put on that leaves your face feeling smooth throughout the day. 

For the night time, I like to use a variety of products to ensure that face is soaking up great ingredients throughout the night. It also helps so that in the morning, my face isn't build up with makeup or much dirt/oil. To wash my face at night, I've really been loving Purlisse 4-1 soy milk cleanser. I like to use this product because it leaves my face more firm. What's great about this product, is that it also removes your makeup at well. I can say it takes off about 99% of my makeup when I use it, and that's a full face. I always follow with a makeup wipe as well, to ensure my face is really clean for the next products. Next, I like to use my Derma E toner mist, to tone my face. It has a sweet smell to it, and my face really soaks in the product. Then I follow uup with Derma E purifying youth serum. Using this after my toner, really helps to makes my face feel good and again, my skin really soaks up this product. You can stop here, but I also like to follow up with a moisturizer to really lock everything in. Sometimes if I feel like my face needs a little extra step, I'll use Pixi Beauty's Rose Oil Blend. I don't use it too often because of my sensitive skin, but when I do use it, it leaves my face feeling refreshed. For moisturizer, I love to use Purlisse Pur Moist hydra moisturizer. This is perfect at night, because it hydrates your face even more and has a little bit of a thick consistency than the spf moisturizer. A little bit also goes a long way, so this is perfect. When I wake up in the morning after doing this regimine, I find my face looks really healthy. I've been getting tons of compliments on my skin when I go makeup free, so I don't feel the need to always wear makeup. 

What's your skin care routine? Comment down below some products you're loving and I'll see you soon. 

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