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Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey everyone,

 In today's blog post, I'm going to telling you my thoughts on Purlisse. You can say that Purlisse is an Asian inpsired skin care brand. Combined with French skin technology, this brand brings you simple yet effective products to keep your skin looking its best.

Purlisse was kind enough to send me these products and I've tested them out for over a month, so my review is completely authetic and as real as can be. I was sent over the 2 face masks, 2 moisturizers, a BB cream, a facial cleanser, and a lip nourisher. I'm going to be sharing with you my full thoughts on these products. 

4-1 Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser - By far my favorite product that I got out of all of the products. This Soy Milk Cleanser has a combination of soy milk, soy protein, whole oat and white tea. This cleanser is also a doubled use product, because it can also take your makeup off as well. What I loved about it, was that it really did take majority of my makeup off when I used it. I only had a problem with heavy duty mascaras, that I had to follow up with a makeup wipe. Other than that, it really washed away my makeup while also taking away the dirt and oil. It has definitely been my favorite product and I used it completely for the month. It's done. I salvaged as much as I could out of this bad boy. It left my face feeling firm, which was good for night. That's also a plus, because using it at night really leaves your face refreshed for the next morning. Being that I used this every night....  literally, every single night. It defnintely feels like a product that is worth your buck. You would use your normal sized amount of cleanser. It doesn't form and when you put it on your face..... oh boy you're gonna love the feeling. 

BB Tinted Moist Cream with SPF 30  - This product that I got, I actually requested because I wanted to see how this BB cream would hold up with my skin tone. If you read my Current Skincare Routine blog posts, you would know that I am currently on Retin A, which requires me to use an SPF moisturizer throughout the day. So I was very happy to get this BB cream that has an added bonus of 30 SPF. We'll talk about their moisturizer that has SPF too later ;). This BB cream is said to give you a natural finish while diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, it has a rich moisturizer with skin perfecting color, and it's approved for all skin types. You can also wear this BB cream under your foundation as well. I thought this BB cream was pretty nice. It was light weight and it barely felt like you anything on your skin. I was able to blend it out into my skin, it just washed me out a little bit being that I'm more tan. This is perfect for me when the weather is just coming out after the winter, and the sun is out more. Since I do tan in the summer, this is something I would have to use underneath my foundation. I can always mix it with another BB cream as well for added bonus. I love the plus that it has SPF in it because that is certainly a great way to protect your skin from the sun's harsh ways. 

Pur Moist - One of the moisturizers that I got was this Pur Moist hydra-balance moisturizer. This product has white tea, vitamin E, and french marine plants combined into it. This moisturizer is more of gel consistency but it feels like a cream when you put it on and it really absorbs into the skin well. This moisturizer is perfect for your night time routine as it will help to hydrate your face over night. This product is also for all skin types, including sensitive which is what I have. This wasn't a heavy feeling moisturizer when you put it on. It kind of feels like a serum, but thicker. I love how you can use a little bit of product and moisturize your whole face. I also like to bring this down to my neck and upper chest area, so that I'm hydrating those areas as well. That is very important to keep up with. This moisturizer even has blue lotus that is like an antioxidant for your skin to fight against free radicals. Basically meaning, it's going to help your skin nourish its cells and help to make them nice and your skin plump. 

Pur Protect - So this was the moisturizer I was talking about before. This essential daily moisturizer also has 30 SPF in it, which I love to use in the morning. This moisturizer has white tea, soy protein, and algae extracts to help give you a nice protective surface on your face from the sun. The consistency of this moisturizer is a little thicker and more white than the Pur moist, although they both feel the same when applying on the skin. You can sort of feel the SPF in this moisturizer, but it isn't a really thick and sticky feeling like a normal SPF sunscreen would be. This again, is for all skin types including sensitive. This is perfect to use as a base for your makeup, because you're not only protecting your face, but you're hydrating it as well. That's exactly what you want to do for a nice fresh face for the day, especially in the summer. This product is also infused with blue lotus as well to give you the added benefits your skin needs. 

AND did I forget to add that a little goes a long way with both of these moisturizers. I've been using them for a month and I still have at least half of it left. 

Pur Lip Comfort - Boy did I feel like Lil Mamma and my lip gloss was popping when I had this stuff on. Ever wanted the comfort of wearing a nice soothing lip blam while also have a nice shine like you're wearing your favorite lip gloss from 8th grade? Yea, that pretty much sums of how I feel about this Pur Lip Comfort. This has mango and shea butters, jojoba and rice bran oils and vitamin E to really hydrate and lock in the moisture. This really saved my lips when I swatched my Ofra Lip Collection.  This really nourishes your lips and give it back its baby smooth surface. I absolutely love this stuff and I'm trying so hard to use it because I'm almost completely gone with it. 

Blue Lotus and White Tea treatment sheet mask - Who doesn't love a good sheet mask? I know I do. I was so excited to try this one out. This is said to improve your skins texture, brighten and firm the skin, that gives you a healthy and youthful looking complexion. You can use this treatment hot or cold. If your face is feeling puffy, just leave the mask in the fridge for a few hours before your use it. To get a deeper feel of the ingredients, place this mask in hot water to really open up your pores and soak everything in. Make sure that your pat in the left over ingredients when you're done. I really felt a difference when I used this mask. It was just as great as the Blue Lotus and Seaweed sheet mask that I got to try. I really loved both of them and they both left my face feeling so refreshed and looking really youthful. I got a lot of compliments on my natural skin after I used this product. 

Overall, I loved all of these products that I got to try and I'm truly thankful for it. Keep in mind that all opinions are my own. They aren't influenced by others, these opinions are completely mine. I think Purlisse if perfect for you if you splurge on your skin care and you want products that will truly benefit your skin without harming it. Have you ever tried Purlisse before? Let me know in the comments down below and I'll see you soon! 

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