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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hey everyone,

In today's post, I'm going to be showing you some pigments from Naked Cosmetics. I got this Naturally Nude Collection of 6 pigments from Ipsy, on one of their Ipsy offers. I'm really loving these pigments and I want to share with you my thoughts on them.

This collection of pigments are in the Naturally Nude collection, which is one of Naked Cosmetic's top sellers. It features six different pigments for $59.99. You can also buy the pigments individually for $14.99. You're definitely getting a deal by getting the pigments in a set. My first impressions of these pigments, were that the color payoff was very well and that it comes with a lot of product. As you can see, it's almost filled to the top and it's great that you really only need to use a small amount. So this is a product that you can really get a bang for your buck out of. 

  1. Naturally Nude 1
  2. Naturally Nude 2
  3. Naturally Nude 3
  4. Naturally Nude 4
  5. Naturally Nude 5
  6. Naturally Nude 6 

As you can see from the picture, the colors are very beautiful. The swatches are just one swipe too. This is what the colors look on my skin tone. I really like working with these pigments. To use it, I just sprayed my brush with some setting spray, and then I picked up the pigment and patted it on my eyelids. I love how this collection is great for putting an eyecatching color on the center of your lids. They are very beautiful, but I did have some problem with creasing. Which is because I do have hooded eyelids, so sometimes it does transfer onto my crease area. What I also love about this collection is that it's like a gradient of colors and you can also double up and use this for a nice winged liner. I love mixing this with Inglot's duraline and making a cool wing with it. You can also use pigments in many different ways. You can also use it as a lipstick or even a nail polish by mixing it with clear polish. It's one of those products that are unviersal to use. I loved this collection and when I want a nice shimmered lid, I reach for these. The prices are a little steep for me, but for how long it lasts, depending on how often you use it, is great. There's a lot of product so you have a bunch of different looks you can do. What are some of your favorite pigments? Leave a comment down below letting me know!

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