L' Oreal Paris: True Match foundation

Monday, July 15, 2013

In one of my beauty magazines, there was this coupon for the True Match foundation. It came with questions to determine to skin tone and then squares with all the different foundations, for cool/warm/neutral. I'm neutral and foundation color turned out to be classic tan (n7).

I personally don't wear foundation often because I don't have too many blemishes to cover up. A little concealer will go a long way for me. I have normal to sensitive skin. Although my pores around my nose are HUGE. I didn't wear primer when trying out this product because I wanted to see how it was.

Pros: This foundation covers EVERYTHING! That small pimple on my forehead, gone. Dark circles, gone. Even skin tone, achieved. My face, neck, and above my chest aren't tan as the rest of my body. I haven't been out too much in the sun lately, and my face tends to burn. This foundation gives my face the perfect match to my body. Guess what? My coworkers and customers couldn't even tell I had foundation on. I used it all day at work and it didn't streak or anything. It's flawless skin in a bottle. Trust me when I say a little bit goes a long way. Each time I used it, I used less and less.

Cons: Because my pores are so large, you could tell a bit after applying. (I'm sure a primer would of fixed that problem) After a few hours, if you're working/sweating/etc, you do need to blot a little bit. My face sweated some at work, and the oiliness around my nose was visible. Something a little blotting papers can fix. Also, you may have to set this with a powder just to be safe. I should have bought the powder to match, but I didn't.

It's hard for me to use foundations and such only because I don't have many blemishes, so I can't really tell if it makes a big difference or not. Also, it matches my skin tone so well, sometimes I forgot I even had it on. To see if I still did when I came home, I simply wiped it off. It was on, and lasted all day. The few blemishes I did have were concealed and my dark circles were too. (It covered better than my concealer) So of course, I didn't have concealer on top. I really love this product and it's great when I look tired and want a flawless face for work. It was inexpensive and truly worth it. Have you tried this product out? Let me know how it works for you. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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