DIY Floral Print High Waisted Shorts

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hey loves,

So the other day I recorded a video of me making my own pair of floral print high waisted shorts. I don't have any stills of the video yet, but you can click here. Please show my YouTube some love! I'm going to be working harder and trying to save up so I can buy a better camera. I used my Mac for this only because I don't have a tripod for my digital camera. The video is a little bit low quality, but I'm proud of myself! I told myself that I would do this, and I actually did. PLUS, I never knew how hard it was to make your own video until today. The editing really took a bit of time and so did exporting and uploading it.

It's a bit hard to describe without pictures, but I'll try my best.

  1. First thing you want to do it get your fabric and cut out the general shape of the shorts. 
  2. Then I just roughly cut around the edge of the front left of the short, all around until I was satisfied. 
  3. If there's a little bit of fabric left, you can fold it and then glue it down to the shorts. 
  4. You then want to glue down the whole area around the front of the shorts making sure there isn't any fabric just hanging off. 
  5. Next, I did the same thing to the back pocket, I used the other side that I did the first part on, and cut the area for the back pocket. 
  6. Next I used the fabric glue again to glue it all around. 
  7. Finally, I took a hair dryer to dry all the extra glue that was drying up. It speeds up the process rather than having it hair dry. 
The fabric glue that I was used was this one I got from my local craft store called Hobby Lobby. It comes out white and dries up clear. Now since my fabric was lace and not a solid floral print, it did get messy on my fingers. (Tip: Dont paint your nails right before making these shorts.) I ended up ruining my nails all over again. I absolutely love these shorts. I got them from TJMaxx for about $15 and used an old lace floral print shirt for the front and back. It came out really nice and I'm so happy that I tried this out! Have you made any of your own floral pants yet? Leave a comment down in the section below and tell me how it went. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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