Ipsy Me offer: Noyah Glass Half Full

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to my page if you're new here, my name is Leann and I love to review makeup! Today's blog post will be cover Ipsy's offer for Noyah's glass half full duo lipstick and lip gloss in Malbec. 

I got these two on sale for $19.50 with free shipping, for a 42% off discount! That's what I love about being subscribe to Ipsy. We always get deals like this and we don't ever have to pay for the shipping either. How great it that? 

Noted on, it says how the lipstick is meant to be very pigmented and super hydrating. The lip gloss is to basically add shine and this was an ipsy exclusive red wine color that was created. The formula on the lipstick is semi matte so add that with the lip gloss and you're good to go unless lipgloss really isn't your thing. Whats great about the lipgloss is that it isn't as pigmented as the lipstick, so if you wanted to, you can wear it alone. You basically have a product that is good to wear either by themselves or together. Isn't that like a 3 in 1?!

What's also great about this brand is that they don't test on animals. They are also paraben and sulfate-free! Noyah is an all natural cosmetic line that focuses on nature for its packaging. What's also good about their packaging is that it's made out of bamboo and it's completely recyclable! Their mission is to make products that women and men can use without having to be conscious about the chemicals that can potentially end up in your mouth. 

Now let me just say. I love this lipstick. The first product in both the lipstick and lipgloss is a type of oil. I forgot the exact one but that's a plus. That means that the product is mainly made up of oil. Which makes the lipstick and the lipgloss very smooth to apply. The lipstick literally feels like butter on your lips and the lip gloss.. man that lip gloss doesn't even feel like a lip gloss. It's crazy to think that it was a lip gloss because of how it didn't stick like a normal one. Instead, the lip gloss applied very smooth and it made a difference but it wasn't too dramatic where your lips look too oily. It just made the semi matte finish of the lipstick a little bit shinier and more reflective.

The pictures really don't do justice for how good the product actually looks. As you can see, the lip gloss is almost shear but it has enough color where you still getting the pay off from it. This color is actually perfect for me to use on my own because it almost matches my lip shade. Which is even more of a plus because it'll give me a nice tint without having to worry about having too much or your lips being too shiny. It was perfectly in the middle. I'm loving berry wine shades.

What I love about the lipstick too is it's ability to give you a highly pigmented color without having to worry about a lot coming off. You can easily dab your lips with a napkin or powder so it smear as much, but it definitely will still have a color payoff. When i say this lipstick lasted almost 6 hours with eating.... it came pretty darn close. I love the packaging, I love the smell, and I love the color of the lipstick. This is something I'll definitely purchase in the future. You can check out Noyah Cosmetics here and subscribe to Ipsy here. What's cool is that Noyah actually featured me on their IG! How cool is that?! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon

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