JustFab: Ethan Review

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have a new post for you on my JustFab bag called Ethan. This is truly a beautiful bag and I wanted to share it all with you today.

This bag was actually way bigger than I expected it to be. The picture shows it looking pretty big but not as big as it is in person. The texture of the bag is so smooth and the handle is even big enough for me to put around my shoulder. There is a zipper in the front and the back which is very handy.

The inside of the bag is leopard or cheetah print, whichever you identify it as. The inside is really big as well. There is enough space for me to put my wallet, journal, makeup bag, notebook, and 13 inch macbook pro inside. I'm still able to zip it to. 

I can honestly say that I love and adore this bag. It is the best bag that I have ever used. The design is chic enough to wear with any outfit and the style is so clean and classic that I can pretty much wear it for any season. I was looking for a new bag for school because I do not like to carry a purse and a backpack. I like to carry all my things at once and this was the perfect bag to do so. Usually the bags are too big, but this bag is big enough without looking bulky and chunky. I really enjoy how it feels on my shoulder and I can carry this bag around all day. You even carry it on your arm if you wish to do so. Without anything in it, it isn't too heavy and it is still manageable with all my things inside of it. I love this bag and I highly recommend this bag if you're carry a lot of things you need a purse that is chic and efficient. Have you ever tried bags from JustFab before? Let me know in the comment down below! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! 

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