How to manage school and blogging

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hey everyone,

Since this year has just been so great with my blog and I've been doing very well keeping up with my blog, I thought I would share you my tips for blogging and still doing good in school.

The first step is to get organized. For this, I love to use a custom planner where they have 12 months and you can right in which month you start from. If it's something I don't like, it's buying a planner that starts in July in September. I bought this really cute Nightmare Before Christmas planner than I was able to right the months in. What was good about it was that it started in January, so I was able to wait and write in when January started. Another good thing was that there are memo notes for each day, so if I want to get into more detail, I can use that to write in what I want to do or have to do for that day. 
Now that you have your planner ready, it's time to plan ahead. That means gathering all your syllabuses and write in when your assignments are due and when you have tests. If you have a job, try to put your schedule in too early enough so you know when you are busy and when you're not busy. That way, you can go back to the month and see what you have to do. With that, you can also see the days that your are most free, and you can use that to start planning when and what you want to blog. This can also help to find time for doing YouTube videos, if you are also a blogger and a vlogger. 
This is probably my most important tip. Do you assignments early. If you already have the material you need and your outline for your assignments, use your time wisely to plan ahead and start doing your assignments early. This will help you to stay up to par with your classes and to also give you more free time to blog. When you get assignments out of the way, you are less stressed. For example, this semester I have an online class where we have to do 3-5 page papers pretty much every week. I get a head start on this class by doing the assignments on a Saturday, where I have the whole day to myself. They are not due until the following Friday, so now I don't have to worry about that class for the rest of the week and I can focus on my other classes. See how that works?
This is also an important step for me. Now that I have my assignments done early, I can focus more on my blog. This means taking all my pictures for the up coming week and getting my posts done early. If you already tried out your product and reviewed it, this will be easier for you. If not, try to take your pictures ahead of time, try the product out that day or sometime during the week, and all you have to do is blog about the said product. You can also pre-type your blogs and put them on a schedule, when they will post, so you don't have to worry about always going back to your blog and posting them. I love to do this when I know I will have a busy week and since I have some classes all day, I can't pay attention during those times to come back to my blog and post things. This is what I love about blogger, I can do my whole entire post and schedule it for when I would like it to come out. This is perfect if you don't have a lot of time. You can schedule one day, a Saturday or Sunday if you don't work, and just work on blogs the whole day. 
This step is one of the most important steps of all time. You need to dedicate some time to your blog. Whether it be a half an hour a day, or 3 hours in one day. You're blog will get no where if you just regularly post whenever you want to. Trust me. This happened to me and I saw how my followers didn't like that. The more I was organized and had my posts together, the more views and followers I got. I'm not big on announcing how many followers I have and such, but they do mean a lot to me and I'm grateful for this. I use this time to check my stats and connect with other bloggers. Networking is so important and if you want people to check out your blog, you have to do the same as well. If you check my about me section, you will see how passionate I am with helping other bloggers.

I hope this was enough to help anyone out there or new bloggers out there, how to manage your blog. I follow this tips myself and I wouldn't tell you them if I didn't think they would work. How else do you manage blogging and school? Leave a comment down below and let me know. From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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