Makeup by One Direction Haul pt 2.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey everyone,

Today I have for you part 2 of my One Direction makeup haul. This makeup is from a company called Markwin's Beauty and you can find many different One Direction kits for the One Direction fan that you know. Don't forget to check out their Makeup By One Direction Facebook page.

Harry, Zayn, Niall

These are limited edition makeup tins that contain 6 eyeshadows, 4 lip glosses, 2 nail varnishes, an eye pencil,  and lip top coat. Each member of One Direction has their own tin and inside, they have their own personal design with and an example of a makeup look you can do using the makeup in the tin. All the makeup in each tin are the same, it's just the makeup look/design in the inside is different. The design also includes the member's signature.




Eyeshadow Color Names:
Top Left - Nobody Compares, Top Middle - Tell me a Lie, Top Right - Same Mistakes 
Bottom Left - I Would, Bottom Middle - Summer Love, Bottom Right - Everything About You

Lip Gloss Color Names:
Top Left - Loved You First, Top Right - One Thing 
Bottom Left - Irresistable, Bottom Right - Heart Attack 

Nail Polish Names:
Top - Stole My Heart
Bottom - Alive

Black eyeliner - I Want 

Glitter lip top coat 

Colors listed from top to bottom:
Everything About You
Summer Love
I Would
Same Mistakes
Tell me a Lie
Nobody Compares

Colors listed from top to bottom:
Heart Attack
One Thing 
Loved You First

The eyeshadows are very soft and opaque. I love the feel of them just on my finger tips. The color just glides right on. The lip glosses don't feel entirely sticky and are very sheer as you can see from the picture. The eyeliner glided right on so smoothly as well. This is the perfect gift for someone you know who likes One Direction but also enjoys makeup. This is a great little starter kit because you don't have that many bold colors. The darker colors are also a little more matte than the bright colors. These tins are available at Sears USA, Target, Kmart, and Walmart Canada. What do you think about these tins? Would you get one? From one beauty lover to another see you soon!

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