Makeup by One Direction Haul Pt. 1

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hey everyone!

Today for you I have a mini One Direction makeup haul. I think this makeup is fun and cute for the mini makeup lover and One Direction fan that you know! The products are so adorable and guess what, some can even glow up in a UV light!

Electroglam Mascara, Rock me Nail Varnish, Liquilights Glow Gloss

All three of these are limited edition and they all have the signature of the 5 One Direction members: Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam.

"Why don't we go there", "Does he know", "Story of my life"

These fun colored mascaras can not only be used on your eyelashes, but can also be used on your hair to add some electric color! Isn't this just the cutest? My favorite would have to be the blue because it stands out the best. I haven't tried it on my hair yet, but I'm sure it would be just as fun and the colors will show more vividly. Both the blue and the pink showed well on my lashes, the yellow was visible as well, just not so much. This would be perfect as an accent color on the tips of your lashes, but if you want something more bold and fun, you can put it on all of your lashes.

"Happily" & "Kicks", "Moments" & "Not Afraid", "Diana" & "Star"

What I love about these nail polishes, are that they come with their own glitter top coats. You can have so many different and fun nail designs and the combinations are limitless. The glitter comes in these really adorable square boxes with a circular component that holds the glitter. The nail polish design and very chic too. It's a tall, rectangular shape and a design that resembles Butter London nail polishes. The color is going to take a few coats to get a nice shade and they are a perfect gift for the One Direction girl in your life who isn't too into makeup but is into nail polish.

"Taken", "Through the Dark", "Kiss You"
"Taken", "Through the Dark", "Kiss You"
"Taken" is a pink glitter gloss that turns into a neon pink color, under the UV light.
"Through the Dark" is a poppy colored glitter gloss that turns into a neon red orange.
"Kiss You" is an orange colored glitter gloss that turns yellow.

The gloss is lightweight and soft. It's not too much glitter and you can wear it alone or pair it with lipstick. It would be fun to wear to a bowling party!

These 3 sets are the perfect gift for a One Direction lover. They are perfect for preteens and teens who are fans of One Direction and would enjoy these fun gifts. They are not full on everyday makeup, but just fun products to play around with your friends with. These products are found at Macys, Lord and Taylor, Dillards, Stage and Stores, Beauty Brands, and Boscov's. Would you try any of these products out? From one beauty lover to another, see you soon! Don't forget to check out Markwin Beauty on Facebook!

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