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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

We all have that holy grail product we come across every now and then. I'm super late to the game, but Becca Cosmetics Cream Champagne Pop is my new favorite everyday highlighter.

A soft white gold with pinky/peach undertones, this is the best and natural looking highlight for everyday use. I love my highlight so much and gold colors tend to compliment my skin very well. This has been a big talked about highlight for a while. I was happy when I got it at Sephora on sale and was shocked at the creamy but pigmented intensity is has. I tend to stay away from white based highlights because it can make tanner skin look ashy, but let me tell you. I haven't touched another highlight since I got this one. 

Becca Champagne Pop - $38

The pink and peach undertones definitely give this highlight a great combo of a white based with a colored undertone that can pretty much compliment any skin tone. It gives you a delicate smooth and sophisticated glow that I promise you will get complimented on every time you use it. 

The compact is small enough to carry with you on the daily, if you ever wanted to add more or do a touch a touch up. The softness of the cream highlight gives you a radiant yet natural glow to the skin. Easy to blend and easy to use, Champagne Pop is now my go to highlight. It's also good for dry and mature skin as the low maintenance of the product is easy enough for anyone to use, even a makeup beginner. 

As you can see from the swatch above, the highlight isn't overbearing to the eye and it easily blendable. The formula is so creamy that I was almost shocked at how it applied. I would use a flat foundation brush or maybe even a concealer brush to apply the product and blend it out with my fingers. 

I'm going to show you what Champagne Pop looks on my skin tone with a few different looks. 

As you can see above, the cream highlight gives a nice soft glow to the skin. Nothing too overpowering and you can always add more or less for your personal preference. 

In this picture, you can see the reflect of the glow on my nose. This highlight is perfect for creating your full glam makeup looks as it will bring an added smooth yet bright glow to the skin. Great for that added pop of glow. 

I'm always hesitant when purchasing a makeup product that is "hyped" up, but I'm so glad that I got and fell in love with this highlight! It's literally one of the best cream highlights I ever used that I can't seem to get away from. Do you have Champagne Pop? Leave a comment down of your pictures so I can see your beautiful glow! 

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