How I grew my hair in 30 days

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

Today I have a post for you sponsored by a company called ZenWise. They provided me a bottle of their 5000mg Biotin Hair growth vitamins that also have loads of other great ingredients to promote hair growth, thicker hair, and it help fight anything that is preventing your hair from growing.

In order for this to work, you have to take the pills twice daily. That means one pill twice a day, everyday, until the bottle is finished. This isn't hard for me. I take one one in the morning after breakfast and I take one at night after dinner. That way I have something in my stomach and it doesn't disrupt anything. The pills are soft and easily digest. You can't even feel it going down your throat. 

When I used other hair vitamins in the past that were smaller in dosage, you had to take it 3x a day and on top of that the pills were very large. They worked too but I found comfort with these ones because they are a higher dosage, they are smaller and soft, and they are just easy to swallow. 

I've been taking the pills for exactly two weeks and I used the same shirt so you guys can see the progress. As you can see my hair grew by about an inch or two! That's just in two weeks. Isn't that insane. Also I noticed that the back of my hair grew a lot more also because it wasn't growing as fast as the front of my hair. After bleaching my hair, then dying it back black, it went through a lot and the back of my hair broke off a lot. I tried to maintain it good in order for it to grow more but it just wasn't doing it. However after I started using the pills, I noticed that the back of my hair grew so much. My hair looks so much bigger to. I'm going to keep using this product until the month is up and show you guys how long my hair grew! I hope you try out these products and don't forget to check out Zenwise and check out their products! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

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