UPDATE: Urban Decay; Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 Glide on LipPencil in Venom

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hey ladies,

It's fall, so that means bring out the deep toned plum lipsticks. Dark plum maybe magenta type lipsticks are definitely my go to lip color for this season. Because I'm a member of Ipsy, I'm able to participate in special offers straight through Facebook or Youtube called IpsyMe. Now with these events, you either go to Ipsy's FaceBook or any of the participating beauty guru's Youtube in order to purchase these products. The products usually fall into the categories of what's inside the participating month's bag. The products are always full size and can range from anywhere from palettes to lipstick combos like the one I got. The prices are usually discounted enough where they become a steal. ;)

What I purchased for last month's IpsyMe event was the new Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick and 24/7 glide-on lip pencil in the color Venom. I can't remember the name of the other color that was featured but this was the color I chose because I was originally looking into these colors for fall. I was a little hesitant at first because in my Ipsy bag last month, I got the revolutionary mini lipstick in the color Anarchy. Now that color would be another blog post, but lets just say it was extremely too bright for my color preference. The revolutionary lipstick is $22 and the 24/7 glide on lip pencil is $19. All together that is $41. Through IpsyMe, I paid $35 plus I got free shipping. You get to save $6 plus shipping, which would roughly be around $12 that your saving. Now if that's not an impulsive move I made, I don't know what is. 

This is what the color generally looks like on my skin tone. (Sorry for not better quality pictures, I'm working on that) On my arm, the right is a swatch of the lipstick while on the left is a swatch for the lip pencil. To me, the lip pencil has more of a matte finish to it and you can definitely go without. (Just make sure to hydrate your lips before) The lipstick has a bit of a classic feel to it. It's shiny, but not too shiny where it overpowers the color. 

For the texture of the products, the lip pencil was smooth to begin with. After application however, my lips felt pretty dry putting it on. I wanted to go without the lipstick because of the matte color I was getting, but the way my lips felt wouldn't allow me to. Sure if I put some lip balm or gloss on top, it would of solved the problem, but again I wanted it to be matte. When I put the lipstick on on top of it though, my lips became very smooth again. The color still had a bit of matte to it with a nice sheerness of shine. I just loved it! It felt moisturizing to my lips and I couldn't be happier. 

I wore this lipstick to school. (I'm in college, keep in mind) On a day where I would have 3 three hour classes back to back. To ensure I was testing out how long this lipstick could last without me having to reapply it. So lets start from the start of my day. I put my makeup on roughly around 8 or 9 in the morning. I had one class from 11:00-1:45. Lets just say I didn't need a touch up until after 2. The only reason why it even faded some, only in the center of my lips, was because of my coffee that I had previously. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't have needed to touch up. I kind of like the ombre sort of look that it gave me however. It didn't completely wipe away, but it wasn't completely there either. The color was just perfect for that fall time dark ombre look. I didn't capture any pictures of that though. (Just take my word for it. I wouldn't lie to you lovely ladies) 

If you want a good lipstick that will last you all day. The revolutionary lipstick is the color for you. I haven't tried the lipstick without the pencil. (Only because I have the pleasure of having both, so why not use them both) I'm pretty sure that the color will look just as fabulous without the pencil as it is with the pencil. Just make sure to check yourself after you drink some coffee or eat your lunch. Other than that, I was extremely pleased with the lipstick and lip liner. My only wish was that the lip liner was more creamier and made my lips feel wonderful after applying it. I'm going to work it around a bit to see what I can do to improve the texture of it. 

Now for a little Ipsy promotion ;). I only purchased these products because it was available to me through IpsyMe. You can only and I repeat ONLY get offers like this if you're an Ipsy subscriber. If you would like to subscribe please click here. I can't stress enough how great Ipsy is. Especially if you want to try new makeup brands/products but don't want to go out and spend money of every little thing. There will be a post about this month's glam bag coming sometime this week. You can check out my previous reviews on past bags like AugustJuly, and June. With Ipsy, you get products based on your personal profile and makeup quiz that you get to take in the beginning. Don't like the products you got for that month, don't worry! Change your quiz before the 1st of the next month and I guarantee you things will be different. You also get to "rate" the products you got each month and you can even click to say you don't want products like these anymore. Don't forget to check it out and subscribe so you can participate in offer like these! From one beauty lover to another, see you soon!

- Leann


Here's a better picture of the color with my skin tone. 

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